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Weight loss :4 Ways faster to lose weight

Weight loss :4 Ways faster to lose weight

4 Ways faster to lose weight

Get rid of accumulated fat in the abdominal area "rumen," one of the most difficult challenges that you experience when you follow the diet, abdominal Vdhun of things that are difficult to get rid of them quickly, which makes you need to diet and a special athlete to note the difference.

Initially, you'll learn bad habits that gives you a prominent belly, magnify this region is due to several reasons, namely:

Lack of movement, causing progressive in the abdominal fat, and swallow air while eating and drinks other than not digest properly, which confuses the natural bowel movement is working to be gas and bloating.

The drinking soft drinks in an exaggerated manner, and sleep immediately after eating harmful things that cause the rumen, also eating fast foods which are saturated fat triple with a lot to eat sugars and starches are working fast on a fat farm in the abdominal area.

With the diversity of the solutions offered to get rid of the emergence of the belly of the slimming pills and diets and exercise equipment, etc., and between this and that summed up our specialists real reasons behind the emergence of the abdominal area, and how to get rid of them just four tips.

First: get rid of belly walking:

Scientific studies have shown that walking of the best ways that can save you from the abdominal area and naturally, without the need to spend huge amounts of money on slimming pills which are mostly harmless without a real impact on the size of the abdomen, as well as it sports a simple suit all ages.

When walking on a regular basis and on strides in the straight path, the fat in the abdomen begins to melt and the transition to tight muscles strong.

In order to exercise walking you have to adhere to certain rules that will ensure you quickly get the desired results:
- Be sure to walk regularly with identifying a specific period of time to do so.

- Straighten your back while walking, curved Valzar help the emergence of the abdomen before and thus accumulate fat in the abdominal wall.

- Prefers not to eat any food before walking straight.

- Finally, for people who are over forty years old, do not harden yourselves and stop completely once feeling tired.

Second: Avoid eating sugars:

Sugar consumption is very important to stimulate the mind and give you energy, but excessive intake lead to the opposite result, they are working on the composition of unwanted fat in the abdominal area.

And sugars not only candy, Fast Foods Ready contain a high percentage of sugars, and also soft drinks and some types of fruits contain a high proportion of sugar such as "mango - grapes - figs - dates" difficult to burn.

So experts advise fitness, replacing sugar fresh vegetables, which inherently contains no fat or sugar, as they give you energy throughout the day.

Third: sleep magic solution to get rid of belly:

We often hear about the importance of sleep for the health of the individual, but did you know that taking the appropriate installment of sleep also helps to get rid of the emergence of the abdomen? Studies confirmed the existence of a relationship between good sleep and be fat in the abdominal area.

The experiment was conducted on a number of people to validate the link between sleep well and abdominal fat, and was as follows:

Was the work of two teams of participants, the first team gets some sleep no more than five hours, while the second team does not sleep less than eight hours a day, taking into account the measurement of body mass each individual person and the level of fat in the body.

To conclude that people who slept less than five hours a day, feel tired quickly and Athaloua energy needed for tasks of their day, and thus the process of burning fat is slowly, while people who take premium sleep six to seven hours or more level fat burning are dramatically unlike sense comfortable and energy throughout the day.

Fourth: exercise to melt belly fat:

Exercise along with a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, dairy products, low-fat, and lean meat, one of the best ways to get rid of belly fat, he said, "Christine Rosenblum," Professor nutrition at the University of Georgia The easiest and most effective ways to get rid of belly fat , is a healthy diet specific calories, with regular exercise about 60 minutes a day, knowing that exercise intensely helps to burn fat at a faster rate.

Finally remained for you to know, that success in weight loss especially abdominal fat, is the result of a strategy strict depend on controlling your diet with a commitment of exercise periodically, to find in the end that such practices have become part of your daily life, and changed Your direction toward positive, the question remains not it time to change your life for the better