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Weight loss :50 advice to lose weight

In this article, we present to you the most prominent and easiest ways to lose weight in a good way

50 advice to lose weight 

  • 1: Drink water when you feel hungry between meals. (This utility prevents indulge in gorging on food add to the body of calories unnecessary).
  • 2: If you feel hungry because of the psychological factor between meals you have a glass of green tea. (Recent studies have led to that green tea improves the psychological factor of the person).
  • 3: Do not neglect breakfast. (Because it makes a person less Cherahih for food in the following meals).
  • 4: start eating green authorities at the beginning of lunch and dinner. (It fills the stomach and accelerate satiety and reduce the amount of food intake as they contain fiber, which in turn facilitates bowel movement).
  • 5: Replace the milk and full-fat dairy products. (With low-fat ones give fewer calories) Note there are types of milk are fat-free and are excellent if calorie diet.
  • 6: stop eating once the feeling of hunger. (Remember the saying that "We are a nation do not eat until hungry if we eat not satisfying")
  • 7: Replace white bread rapid absorption brown bread or bran slow absorption.
  • 8: non-use of table sugar in drinks such as desalination: coffee and tea. And work on the use of alternatives to desalination away from sorbitol.
  • 9: beware of soft drinks that contain a high amount of sugar per Valaboh food where there is the equivalent of 7 teaspoons of sugar, which gives excess calories and replaced Babutin up Diet.
  • 10: Adoption of whole foods as much as possible.
  • 11: stay away from refined foods because they lack a lot of nutrients.
  • 12: the abandonment of fried foods in favor of foods boiled, or grilled.
  • 13: the abandonment of fried foods in favor of foods boiled, or grilled.
  • 14: use of spices perfume the food in moderation.
  • 15: stay away from mayonnaise, ketchup and replaced Balmstrdh (mustard).
  • 16: stay away from canned foods.
  • 17: stay away from fast foods (Fast Food or Junk Food).
  • 18: Do not eat the food in front of the TV. (Because this behavior is often paid to the increase in larger quantities of eating unconsciously).
  • 19: chewing food thoroughly before swallowing, Valthor in eating and drinking leads to gorging on more food because the satiety center in the brain needs some time to be informed of messages required by the digestive system.
  • 20: beware of soups because each contains fatty materials (butter, whipped cream, oil), does not help in the success of weight reduction program.
  • 21: eating chicken without skin.
  • 22: Do not exaggerate in salt sprinkled on food. (Increased salt intake contributes to fluid retention in the body and thus to increase the weight).
  • 23: If you feel hungry between meals can chew celery.
  • 24: request healthy foods in restaurants.
  • 25: Do not fill the kitchen cabinets cuisine. Especially nuts and sweets, biscuits, chocolate, etc., so as to cut off the temptations and the prospect eat between meals.
  • 26: do household chores that will away the owner thinking about eating. (And thus have an incentive to reduce weight).
  • 27: Replace meat with fish because it contains less calories.
  • 28: Shopping nutritional needs intelligently without exaggerations.
  • 29: Before you go to the market type the list of what you want to buy it (to avoid buying food than needed).
  • 30: Go to the market and stomach filled, this reduces to surrender to the temptation and tendency L. (Nqrchat) unnecessary.
  • 31: not to rush to reduce weight. (Because this method will make the recovery of kilograms lost faster than lightning).
  • 32: the rate of descent of the weight one kilo a week is a good achievement do not despair.
  • 33: daily walk for at least 20 minutes. (Because it helps in weight loss).
  • 34: Exercise, even if mild. (Because it lifts your spirits).
  • 35: use the stairs instead of the elevator whenever allowed to do so. (This assigns to burn the number of calories).
  • 36: Do not use the car for short distances.
  • 37: dispensing the remote control in the ignition or the television to change stations.
  • 39: Stand burn more calories than sitting sitting Vvdilh.
  • 40: walking burn more calories than stand and sit Vvdilh them.
  • 41: Exercise home and trying to have a club house.
  • 42: You no excuse for lack of exercise but inactivity and laziness Faqaovernma.
  • 43: Remember that God Almighty does not love the extravagant and wasteful not only wasteful of money.
  • 44: Do not be sad and do not despair if you do not work with you useful diet Henank many other systems.
  • 45: Go to the market once a week because walking in the market burn calories without feeling.
  • 46: Do not deprive yourself of water Drink more water because it will lead to put some fluid stored.
  • 47: Do not operate the saying that (lunch and Tmdy) but Work brother (he ate supper and walks).
  • 48: Do not be sad, do not despair, do not lose hope and zinc
  • 49: does not specify a particular place you want to lose fat.
  • 50: Finally: say (()) when necessary and only diet For Peace