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Weight loss : Get rid of abdominal obesity

Get rid of abdominal obesity

Studies show that inflammation gallstones frequently in obese people, especially women with recurrent pregnancy, and when people living with "rumen" due to increased estrogen, a hormone that helps to increase blood cholesterol, which leads to deposition on the wall of gallbladder, and cause inflammation and the formation of gallstones.

In individuals with "rumen" accumulate fat on the rib cage and under the veil of the barrier, and would hinder the expansion of the movement of the lungs, as well as minimizing the movement of the diaphragm is less amount of air they get ..

Some research has shown that there is a relationship between obesity, especially abdominal obesity "rumen" and infertility in women, it has been found that there is an increase in the accumulation of fat around the ovaries and fallopian tubes, which affects the process of ovulation and reproduction.

Know and know why

Problem of fat to accumulate around the stomach or rumen, they are returning either to genetic reasons or organic disorder or erratic behavior, and we will begin with those practices that lead to a swollen stomach and visibility, including:

1 - excessive eating rich in fat and calories.

Diseases of the colon and the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity.

2 - swallow air while eating as a result of eating quickly

3 - different kinds of smoking.

4 - eating a fatty meal another day.

5 - sleep after eating.

6 - excessive eating pulses that cause bloating.

7 - Do not exercise on a regular basis.

8 - laziness and inactivity and lack of exercise and sleep, especially after meals and especially dinner.

9 - not to follow healthy eating diets during pregnancy.

It is known that the proportion of fat in a woman's body is twice as fat in the body of the man, and these fats that are causing the rumen where composed near the liver and digestive tract and spread in the veins of the abdomen due to the impact of the hormone insulin so increase the percentage of sugar in the blood and turn into fats and especially with the increasing habits wrong Eating and Strutting sweets and chocolate notes that whenever such a luxury the more calories.

Types of abdominal obesity

Abdominal obesity are divided into four types:

The first type: the rumen muscle:

The problem occurs in the abdominal muscles, which consists result imbalance in the use of the owner of his machine motor was used for example muscles shoulders and arms only during labor does not move his waist while sitting on the desk all day or in front of the steering wheel in this type occurs extended to the abdominal muscles and increases its size and balls.

The second type: saggy rumen:

It occurs as a result of the use musculorum only in the middle of the abdomen The result is sagging and the emergence of the rumen, and this type also occur as a result of processes performed in the abdominal area, such as hernia surgery that lead to sagging belly and relaxes muscles and her laziness and complacency and thus expands its size will become more human need for food and drink heavily Vtaatersb fat and obesity occurs, leading to the emergence of rumen flabby with creases in the skin in the form of layers in some cases.

Type three: bloated belly:

It Kersh looks like a balloon, and occurs as a result of human extravagance in food and drink heavily, plus the need for the body,
This excessive eating caused by a person with depression, anxiety or nervous tension finds human eating greedily outlet and try to get out of these concerns that caused him this tension and anxiety, may also occur for a person optimistic happy result opens his appetite after unloading of his emotions and emotions so they also dealing with large quantities of food and drink even occur to him obesity and thus shows the rumen.

Type four: hormonal rumen:

It is noted that the form of this rumen be winding and looks like orange peel, and happens when disturbed hormone action in the human body

And increases the secretion of cortisone impeding the distribution of adrenal fat areas and different parts of the body which leads to increased fat in the abdominal area only in men, while for women the fat often accumulates in the lower part of the abdomen

And accompanied by obesity in the thighs, buttocks and take these obesity irregular forms in these parts.

Lies ... said it will save you from the rumen

steam baths can save you from the rumen within hours
No sauna or steam baths active role in the treatment of rumen or slimming, and what happens to the infected person chubby Erh lose kilo
Li two body fluids through sweat and not lost fat, and as soon as the end of this bathroom, accept to drink water frequently to make up for lost body weight water Vistaid and original again. 

These baths can lead to some complications, such as infection kidney Bhsaat or coronary artery clots.

= The massage and massage melts fat rumen
The massage or massage eliminate Kersh masseur himself, he made an effort, but you do not lose any grams of fat belly, you do not make any movement or effort in the process of massage.

= Use belt or belt vibrators rid of abdominal fat rumen
Many advertising belts for belly invitation they melt fat, and it reduces rumen clearly within days, and all this has no scientific basis, and most experts slimming warn use these belts in the process LOSS rumen, and consider it a big lie, and claim that it is not for these belts any effect in get rid of the rumen, but proved to be of these belts side effects on the respiratory system and digestive system and may result in the end to muscular dystrophy.

= Drink water before going to sleep leads to rumen
Water does not have any value price calories, and eat any amount does not lead to the emergence of the rumen, either on an empty stomach or before going to sleep, but on the contrary Too much water before meals reduces appetite to eat and reduces the amount of food intake helps to get rid of the rumen.

= Use of laxatives and paraffin oil can save you from obesity rumen
Not these drugs laxatives or paraffin oil any role in getting rid of obesity or of the rumen, and what they do these drugs because they cause diarrhea loses body large part of the water and important nutrients which reduces body weight, believes the person that the weight has decreased but has a false weight and quickly return to the original weight once you drink water. 

Indeed, these laxatives many complications they lose body fluids, leading eventually to the drought, and lead to malabsorption.
= Use a special soap to treat the rumen and obesity
Myth .. All that does this soap that while bathing the body loses large quantities of water becomes lighter weight temporarily, but soon a person feels thirsty this results in large quantities of water, yielding the weight of the new increase, and has warned many specialists from the use of this soap especially for people with heart disease and circulatory

To get rid of abdominal obesity

The best and simplest ways to get rid of the rumen are:

First: You need to constantly pray, and where a person can burn 580 calories at least, God Almighty and Holy Prophet peace be upon him not only orders and commands us to benefit humans in terms of spiritual and health

Second: to begin immediately to change and replace bad eating habits habits new sound and correct based on the integration of the pillars of basic food, which is building the human body, such as sugars, proteins and carbohydrates, as well as intake of fat and not preventable and eating dietary fiber by at least 40-60% of the meal.

Third: Be careful and make sure to:

1 - Eat "grapefruit" before eating reduces the sense of hunger.

2 - Start your food with authorities fortified Green Spoon vinegar to give you a sense of satiety for a long time.

3 - Be sure to eat foods rich in fiber they take longer to chew, which reduces the sense of hunger and alleviate constipation.

4 - Reduce the amount of salt in food because the abundance prevent put excess fluid in the body which increases your waist, note that the body does not need is more urgent than one teaspoon per day, "4 grams."

5 - eating yogurt 3 times a week to achieve good results and contribute to the alleviation "rumen" because it contains bacteria "Allambrobasils Cidovals" that lead to ferment milk, also contains the enzyme "lactase" digester for sugar "lactose" found in milk, which is the enzyme that lose 85% of adults, especially in the Arab and African peoples, and cause a shortage in poor digestion and intestinal disorders and bloating.

The study also pointed out that the yogurt increases Kdrhalgesm to burn excess fat, making it lose this fat and retain muscle.
Of the most popular diet programs to remove abdominal obesity


2 fruit variety (except figs, grapes, dates, banana, and mango) and preferably a glass of orange juice or grapefruit + liquids: tea, or coffee, or soda, or lemon water without sugar.


- Dish authority _khasra.
- 4 tablespoons boiled vegetables.
- Grilled steak or a quarter of a chicken, boiled or grilled fish 2 or a can of tuna "without oil."


- Yogurt option, or 3 tablespoons beans with lemon, or boiled egg, or a piece of cheese with tomatoes.
- With a slice of toast or a quarter of a loaf.

Fourth: drinking three cups of water before meals, it fills the stomach and reduces the eating, and has no calories. And not to drink cold liquids with or immediately after eating

Fifth: It is recommended to wear a belt around the abdomen to reduce the size of the stomach (repackaging from the outside rather than the process of repackaging the stomach) and the exercise of tummy tucks and exercises to strengthen the back as well as attention to flatten the body and maintaining the form of textures.

Sixth: Eat slowly for more than twenty minutes, a Vschar satiety quickly without that fills your stomach a lot of food because fast food fills the stomach a lot of food before a sense of satiety.

Seventh: you must comply with workout, it is possible that the abdominal muscles are weak and need to be strengthened. And in this regard can use home appliances where making tremendous result. In addition to walking, as walking every 10 kilometers helps burn 800 calories, it is through sport can finally eliminate the rumen