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Weight loss :Nice way to lose weight as soon as


Weight loss :Nice way to lose weight as soon as

Nice way to lose weight as soon as

There pharmacies Short leads LOSS wearing the required results
Here's how:

Beauty and Fitness

If you want to come down from the weight and one hits a day
Do you want to decrease Kalomen and zinc every day ..... Come Read this Diet I read in one of the sites and the idea of ​​a very healthy diet.

And with him as possible to work calisthenics for body loss because of sudden ... this accursed practice in some medical centers in order to lose weight heart patients who undergo surgery, which is very effective contains all the food items, and intended to decrease between 4 7 kg (10 to 17 pounds) per week!

Way depends on a lot of foods that burn calories, especially the hot soup will find the way it works at the bottom rather than give it to the body, and a one-week can be repeated more than once, although they do not need to sport during the accursed,
Before you start the accursed:
You must remember that you must refrain during the accursed from drinking soft drinks, etc., and must drink 10 Ocopa of water a day!

The first day:

All kinds of fruits except bananas first eat a lot of fruit that you want them whatsoever except bananas, a good intake of juice, fruit unsweetened sugar, and more soup hot, and advised a great deal of watermelon or cantaloupe even more likely to lack one kilo in Day!

Second day:

All vegetables

  • 1 - Eat plenty of vegetables and a lot of soup.
  • 2 - at the dinner eating one potato cooked with butter add to soup.
  • 3 - eat your vegetables as you wish, whether canned, fresh or frozen or boiled (without the addition of any kind of sauces or spices).
  • 4 - Stay away from eating all types of grain - wheat - beans - different kinds of nuts.

Third Day:

On vegetables and fruit without bananas!
Eating whatever you want from fruits and vegetables and a lot of potato soup does not address this today or banana.

Fourth Day:

(Bananas and milk!)
Eating a lot of soup with 8 grains of bananas to get potassium, as well as three cups of low-fat milk for calcium drink plenty of water and add to it a lot of bran powder to make the processes of digestion and normal output.

The fifth day:

(Protein and tomatoes)
Eating a lot of soup with veal or fish boiled chicken or after removing the skin after boiling and eating tomatoes as possible to take 560 grams of beef and a box large tomatoes or 6 tomatoes make sure the intake of 12 glasses of water this day to wash the body organs internal remnants of digested meat.

Sixth Day:

(Meat and vegetables)
Eating a lot of soup and veal and a lot of vegetables this day except potatoes as you can take 2-3 pieces of meat slides steak if you want any kind of green vegetables or fiber. Remember that soup is the basis of this diet!.

Seventh Day :

(Brown rice, fruit and vegetable juices) eating a lot of soup with an unlimited amount of brown rice, fruits and vegetables except potatoes until completely saturated.
Important notes:

After the end of the seventh day if you follow the previous instructions completely will have lost 5-7 kg and if you lose more than 7 kg stop this diet for just two days before returning again to follow the diet from the first day. Including the bodies vary the effect of this diet varies from person Last but there is an established fact is that this diet cleans the body organs of the contaminated ingredients to give you a sense of comfort make your body clean and you feel more energetic. Can follow this plan at the time it deems appropriate to you and you will feel the difference, but favored to take a break for three Ian between every week is when eating meals normally without extravagance Tabaaymana categorically during this diet eating bread, alcohol and soft drinks for diet and can eat any drugs described to you doctor you follow this diet safely
Modus operandi of the hot soup:

-1 Six large beads of yellow or green onion + six beads garlic.
-2 Two grains green peppers cool.
3 pack and one or two jars of tomato juice or equivalent crushed or four tomatoes.