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Weight loss : The most important tips to lose excess weight

Weight loss : The most important tips to lose excess weight

The most important tips to lose excess weight

important tips to lose excess weight

Provide you with expert fitness and beauty Amina Clbaah general tips on how to lose excess weight, initially you'll know that any girl you need to almost of 1250 calories a day, and this of course varies according to age, height and weight and the rate of daily movement, so when you need to lose weight should not exceed the leveldaily calories to 1250 calories and can range between 900 to 1000 daily rate.

Try as much as possible that Tksma calories needed by the body, the six small meals a day quantity.

- Strive to be the last meal before seven o'clock this evening, for easy burning.

- Of the biggest mistakes that you make, you are relying on eating only one meal a day on the pretext lose weight,  that that method bar you from the normal rate of fat burning and thus reduced in your body unlike expected.

- Avoid fried foods as much as possible, for example, eat chicken and meat without skin and fat, preferably grilled or boiled.

- The easiest way to lose weight is to avoid foods that contain fat.

- Avoid combination of carbohydrates and proteins together in one meal, this method increases the weight quickly.

- Eat large amounts of fruits and vegetables and authorities, taking into account the reduction of eating fruits that contain high calories, such as mangoes, figs.

- Do not let despair overcome you quickly, and remember that the process of weight loss you need patience and time.

- Try to do any kind of sport, sport is to help the body burn speed, if noticed that despite your practice of sport exercises not decreased weight on  balance muscle formed is why, and this is a good thing.

- Always drink water before eating so little belly filled.

- If great delight eating chocolate or sweets in general, So be careful not to exceed the rate of calorie limit, you can eat very small amounts.

- In the case if messed diet eating a fatty meal or sweets etc., beware and spoil the rest of the day under the pretext will start tomorrow, you should continue your day on a diet plan.

- look at calories in beverage intake, such as sugared tea, juice and other.

- Avoid eating in front of the TV to prevent persistence in eating.

- drink always in a small dish and when you need more modes, taking into account the quantity.

- Holistic slowly because when you eat quickly eat more quantities, and the brain does not give a signal of fullness only after a quarter of an hour.

- Not to eat vitamins with diet of fear that increases the weight error, it must that Taatnaouliha even be a good public health.

- The use of slimming drugs need medical supervision is not telepathic and Tgerbhe by yourself.

- Despite the advantages of chemical diet to lose weight quickly, it is a big mistake because it increases your weight quickly once you stop.