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Weight loss :Walking the best ways to get rid of weight

Weight loss :Walking the best ways to get rid of weight

Walking the best ways to get rid of weight


Find a lot of people excuses different time and twice the stamina to not engage in exercise, but the new study has shown that walking only helps to get rid of the large belly and the rumen, which makes sports ideal is easy and inexpensive and very useful for a healthy body and get rid of the fat.

The doctors found that walking increases the burning excess body fat, especially those lying above the abdomen known , noting that walking the body loses approximately 200 calories per hour, and increase this value, the more walking speed and duration .

They said that for walking great benefit to strengthen the abdominal muscles and get rid of skin Atralat and muscle weakness in this area, as well as to strengthen the muscles of the thighs, as useful in the treatment of complications associated with Kersh, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol.

The doctors explained that there are four groups of muscles encapsulate the abdominal wall, the smooth muscle is relatively weak, but it has several important functions, where it protects and supports and includes members in the abdominal cavity, and to help preserve the pelvis in an appropriate form, also helps muscles with muscles back in the province on the status of erectile vertically, but weaken and relax and shorten laziness and inactivity, advancing age and some bad eating habits, while piety and by improving activity and exercises for the chest and the back, abdomen and left bad habits.

They noted that the large abdominal cause several health problems, most notably back pain, because the lower vertebrae is aligned so increase miles ahead because of the rumen, which produces turn many fat in the anterior wall of the abdomen, and weak abdominal and back muscles, and lack of exercise and inactivity and sleep too much and sit back and relax and laziness, and swallow air while drinks and foods because of the urgency in the eating, which leads to the large gas in the stomach and intestines, and sleep immediately after dinner and the failure to regulate meal times, along with smoking, which leads to frequent entry of air.

As shown rumen due to excessive drinking soft drinks, water and beer, especially during the meal, and focus on eating a big meal calorie diet per day and neglect the other meals, frequent meals ready and starchy foods and sugary, fatty, and not chewing food and urgency to eat, in addition to the presence of psychological pressure or concern leads to eating too much and eating large amounts.

The play colon diseases and accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity, a role in the emergence of the rumen, along with frequent lifting heavy objects randomly lead to a drop in the abdomen and intestines, nutrition randomized for pregnant and non-exercise during pregnancy and after birth, as well as progress in the age at which weakens the muscles and internal organs , and causes the deposition of fat on the internal organs of the abdomen, increasing the size of the stomach and intestines.

To get rid of the rumen, doctors confirmed the need for a number of conditions in hiking, first practiced non-stop only when necessary sense very tired and unable to continue, and that strides Calgary slow with moving arms unlike the movement of the feet, with the need to be back Vda so as not to cause visible in the abdominal area, and that touches the ground before metatarsal fingers and heels, and that is on a regular basis, and are gradually increasing the duration.

Preferably experts to be walking on an empty stomach to eat, because the circulatory be active in the area of ​​the digestive system during the process dictate food, and here hurt walking does not benefit, so it is advisable to exercise this sport at dawn or after eating three hours, warning that walking acquisition of medicine will be useful If it is used in a timely and appropriate Bjrath seized.

They pointed out the need to be gradually walking for people after the age of forty and those who complain of some diseases, and stop immediately once to feel tired, pointing out that walking must be practiced daily or three times a week at least.

Experts stressed that the impact of sport and walking extends to two days after practice, where they stay muscle in the case of contraction after the sport, which increases the rate of fat burning, Walking at a moderate pace burns about 300 calories per hour, while helping to walk quickly to burn 350 calories.