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Weight loss :6 Tips important and useful for weight loss without diet

Weight loss :6 Tips important and useful for weight loss without diet

6 Tips important and useful for weight loss without diet

important Tips for weight loss without diet

1 - Lose weight without diet dream may be considered by some far-fetched, but we always have hope in achieving this dream, Who does not want to lose excess weight without following any diet or a strict diet? It is not difficult, but need patience and follow a few tips that will be communicated to you today through "Eve" Let's look together at 6 tips Haile to lose weight without diet.

- Do not rush and get used to eating slowly, it is the best way to lose weight without following any diet suffused or diet complex is to enjoy and you taste the food, so we advise you to eat slowly because pollutants in the habit capable of stimulating hormones, thus eating less but eat quickly lead to overeating.

2 - bedroom more weight less there an equation known to all but unused at all a sleep much useful in weight loss without diet Sleeping an extra hour at night can Evkdalonsan 14 pounds per year based on a study conducted by researchers at the University of "Michigan" as the amount of calories Heat consumed per day is 2500 calories, the study proved that when we replace the activities of inactivity sleep we can reduce the calories consumed by 6%, results may differ from person to person, and there is evidence that getting little sleep leads For a rapid increase in appetite, and a feeling of hunger.

3 - eat more vegetables leads to a reduction in weight without following any diet, so we recommend choosing three types of vegetables to be dealt with at dinner instead of just one type, this is a trick good for self-deception that it has dealt with a great deal of food while the This food is nothing but vegetables and fruit, which gives a greater chance of losing weight. Eating foods rich in fiber and water are working to fill the stomach and a sense of satiety and fewer calories.

4 - more soup less weight so we recommend adding soup stock to the three meals daily, Valhassae would reduce calorie intake, so we recommend eating soup at the beginning of meals as they work to slow down the eating process and curb appetite.

5 - Replace sugar-rich drink water Kalsoda or drinks that do not contain calories Such advice if regeneration will be provided to 10 teaspoons of sugar and can add some pure flavors much as found and mint and strawberries.

6 - possible self-deception sometimes to lose weight without following diet suffused may affect the health using cups long and high, rather than using cups broad and short, this trick may provide an opportunity to reduce drink some drinks, which may affect the weight, "says Dr. Brian Onsenk" that visual cues can mislead us to consume more or less amounts.