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Weight loss : Brisk walking for an hour a day dramatically reduces weight

Weight loss : Brisk walking for an hour a day dramatically reduces weight

Brisk walking for an hour a day dramatically reduces weight

A new study shows that people who are predisposed to obesity because of their genes can stop this genetic genetic effects by 50% when it catches Sports brisk walking for an hour a day.

In this study, the researchers reviewed more than 7,700 women who participated in the health study of nurses, and more than 4,500 men who took part in the follow-up study of health professionals. 

Been monitoring activity practiced by the sample and its relationship to body mass and genetic genes.

And proved that each gene works on increasing obesity is associated with an increased body mass. But this effect decreases with people who have the highest level of physical activity, while the people who follow the way of life depends on sitting for long periods suffer significant effects with each gene for obesity.

He said researchers from the Faculty of Public Health at Harvard University said that "increasing periods of watching TV at 4 hours per day, increases the genetic effects by 50%."
Although the study does not separate the effect of different genes on the case of obesity, but it stresses that the human genes do not determine his fate absolutely.

We will talk about the importance of walking and its role in maintaining a fit body

Walking is associated with many health and mental benefits to the body, and according to the American Health Department, walking has helped reduce the death rate among different age groups by a large percentage, and it is also an appropriate and appropriate option for everyone's lifestyle, and among the most prominent health benefits:
  • Weight loss and maintenance
  • Promote fitness and physical health
  • Support mental and mental health.
  • Strengthening the heart muscle.
  •  Reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in postmenopausal women.
  • Helping the body get rid of toxins through perspiration.
  •  It increases bone density and prevents osteoporosis.
  • Reducing the effects of obesity-promoting genes.
  • Reducing cravings for sugars
  •  Reducing the risk of breast cancer.
  •  Reducing arthritis pain.
  • Enhancing the immune capacity of the body
  •  Helps reduce blood sugar.
  • Helping the body raise energy levels.
  •  Mood improvement.
  •  Strengthening the muscles of the legs.
  •  Increase the capacity for creative thinking.