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Weight loss :new way to lose weight 2021


Weight loss :new way to lose weight 2021

new way to lose weight 2021

way to lose weight

When Hazelle Barry decided writer of this investigation to go to experience one of the new methods for weight loss and fame in Hong Kong was not going they will fluctuate on the tongues of flame such as grilled fish.

But workers Medical Center in Hong Kong confirmed that the results of this amazing new method will lose at the end of the session centimeters of her body fat. 

They also emphasized that this method is completely safe.

She said her working in the center of a paint her body with special oils «It's a safe way .. We do not have accidents or burns.
This is the latest methods provided by the specialists at the center (Life Of Life) for treatment in Hong Kong for those who want to lose weight and burn fat. 

The center has seen a huge influx of those who want to save weight who promised immediate results. Will only leave the center has lost centimeters and weighing up to 15 centimeters of fat after the first session.

Says Karen Chu-placed that about a hundred people who underwent the new method, and have had good success since the center began in the way of treatment (water / fire) last August.

And Karen Zhou said: «wrap the body with wet towels to protect against flames.

 Has not given us any complaint in this regard.

 And went on Karen says: «In Asia, people are more open to the idea of ​​therapy with fire. 

In my experience I've seen that only Westerners who have undergone this treatment are expressed fear of fire.

She explained that the fire strengthens the immune therapy and removes tension and cleans the skin and removes muscle and stomach pain. 

Zhou said that usually results show after the first session and will cost $ 135, but full range of sessions it achieves better results at a cost of $ 2,500.

The idea of ​​therapy using high temperatures are not new to Western medicine or Chinese. 

It is also used in ways to lose weight by body wrap fabrics do not leak heat or hot mud.

No one used by the fire directly to reduce the weight of where the fire is defined as one of the five elements of nature upon which traditional Chinese medicine. 

Karen says Zhou Her obesity treatment center «therapy has been used with fire in Chinese medicine for two thousand to three thousand years.

The session starts treatment which takes about 90 minutes rubbing and cleaning the skin and bathing taking a hard massage. 

Then painted skin with a thin layer of clay-like material made from Chinese herbs.

 Then the areas to be covered Tnhifaa layer of cellophane paper and above Mnschwtan Mpelltan water is then alcohol and set fire to two, where temperatures reach into the body 
And continue the body is exposed to fire for a period of one minute and a half minutes or until the person can not afford the heat of the fire.

 Then this process is repeated until the end of the session. Not bear Hazel Barry heat long after one minute and repeated the process more than once until the completion of the session.

When I attended the nurse told her: «I congratulate you .. I've lost 11 centimeters of fat in your body .. It is a very good result. And when I asked her Hazelle Barry «What happened?» Replied the nurse, saying «We have completely melted fat. 

But Barry insisted that ask «Where did these fats. The nurse responded that she «evaporated through the lymph nodes.

In another room of the treatment rooms are Sandy Wong (22 years) for the treatment of obesity for the fifth time. 

She says she lost five centimeters of fat.

 Sandy adds, saying «The fire does not scare me .. The heat high comfortable .. But I can not maintain my weight .. I adore food.
And Hazel Parry says she is not satisfied exactly as she said the nurse decided to measure herself lost centimeters.

 When the nurse came out of the room, Barry is measured around the abdominal area which is supposed to be decreased by 5.5 centimeters, but Barry discovered that she did not lose only one centimeter in that region which refers to the lack of health what the nurse said she lost in various areas of the body 11 centimeters. 

Thus departed Barry She feels sorry for it did not achieve the result promised by the center