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Weight loss :Diet Water for Weight Loss for Men and Women

Weight loss :Diet Water for Weight Loss for Men and Women

Diet Water for Weight Loss for Men and Women

Diet Water for Weight Loss

- Drinking four cups of lukewarm water on an empty stomach with not eating only after 45 minutes (preferably early in the morning).

- Eat three full meals from any kinds of food without extravagant or excessive propagation.

- The final dimension for eating between meals.

- Do not eat any kind of food or liquids until two hours after the main meal earlier.

- If you feel thirsty, drink water before eating at least half an hour.

Its health benefits:

1. Treated headaches, blood pressure and anemia (anemia) and gout, paralysis, heart palpitation, epilepsy and obesity.

2. Cough, sore throat, asthma and tuberculosis

 3. Meningitis any other illness related to urinary tract.

4. Hyperacidity and gastritis, dysentery and constipation.

5. Any disease related to eye, ear and throat.

6. Irregular menstrual cycle in women.

The test results proved the water treatment following recovery from illness in the period set out with each of them:

1 - high blood pressure 30 days

2 - Diabetes 30 days

3 - Cancer 9 months

4 - stomach problems 10 days

5 - constipation 10 days

6 - TB 3 months

Who should complain of arthritis to repeat this experiment 3 times a day in the first week then Akhvvunha to time in one in the morning has tended in the first few days to urinate more than usual, but will not have any side effects.

Important note:

- After two days practicing this system would have a person followed him with some symptoms of sneezing or diarrhea or allergic rhinitis or desire in sleepiness or laziness and lethargy, which is unusual because the toxins and waste out of the body