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Weight loss : Food in a timely manner helps to burn fat


Weight loss : Food in a timely manner helps to burn fat

Food in a timely manner helps to burn fat.

Does not cause all foods increase in weight but on the contrary, there are many foods that raise the level of the body's metabolism and helps burn fat, but what affects the process of weight gain is the amount of foods and times to be addressed.

There is no doubt that eating foods on a regular basis and at certain times and in specific quantities of the most successful ways that help in weight loss and get on the curvaceous body.

Eight o'clock : breakfast

Breakfast is the most important issue, studies have shown that people who cross this meal are overweight more than others, and should not be delayed and breakfast but addressed early in.

Best ingredients contained in this meal is brown toast with a slice of cheese, fat-free and fresh vegetables as well as a glass of skim milk.

The 11th time: meal fruit

Pill must be taken of the fruit during this period of the day to give the body a dose of vitamins and minerals that it needs to be able to complete its biological functions during the day, you can choose between a grain of apples or oranges, pears or bananas, kiwi or a cup of strawberries.

Two o'clock in the afternoon: lunch

Preferred access to the largest proportion of calories during this period. So can eat large bowl of salad with a little of the good fats such as canola oil or olive oil with a large segment of the protein, chicken, fish, red meat lean, and some types of carbohydrates, such as rice, bread, potatoes or pasta.

Focus on this meal and timely Tnaouliha. That will help you burn more calories.

Five o'clock in the afternoon: snack

Necessary snack at this time of the day and not to leave the body feel full for a long time until dinner time.

Eat During this time fresh or dried fruit or carrots or even tasty you can set up some popcorn little oil from time to time.

Eight o'clock at night: dinner

This meal time commitment necessary for the body can burn calories all before going to sleep, in addition to that, this should be smaller meal at all.
We recommend eating a piece of brown bread or a slice of baguette with a brown types of fat-free cheese, Crab or tuna and plenty of vegetables