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Weight loss :How to lose weight 2021 ?



Weight loss :How to lose weight 2021 ?

New  ways to lose weight

easiest and safest way to lose weight

We heard and tried several ways to lose weight and also the work of the hot soup of fat.

And these are the easiest and safest way to drop weight without the slightest complications and this method is followed in King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Saudi Arabia for heart patients who need surgery, but their bodies do not help them because of the increased weight thereby acting them this program to accelerate downloads weight and before that I remember the food program will mention how it works and some of the information that some may need first of this program depends on the strength and speed to burn calories within the body is burned calories quickly nano, and also for this program health benefits for those who want to apply it as this program filters out the body of impurities and improve a person passionate vitality and activity .....

This program called Soup burn fat and applied strictly first three days will lose 2 to 3 kilos and is a week lose from 6 to 8 km and a person must stop two days after the first week should also alert the importance of compliance and strongly including your table do not forget that increase our drinking water on the fifth day of the application of the program and now to get to know.

Amounts of fat-burning soup:

6/1 large onions 2 / Hptnan green pepper 3 / one package celery
4 / tray tomato paste 28 oz 5 / grain beer cabbage 6 / cried Chicken Soup
Ba added to salt, spices and curry and parsley  those wishes.

Modus operandi of soup:

1 / Cut vegetables into small pieces afflicted in a large bowl with tomato juice and chicken soup mix and immersed in water.

2 / Place the pot on the fire for about ten minutes and then eased Bring to boil quietly until vegetables are tender and then the soup is ready.


Each of these soup whenever you feel hungry all that reciting them whenever became the fastest in the landing weight to it and as we work to burn calories and even have the effect of this soup full you Subject to the following non-drinks carbon soda Bbsaa Cola and was dedicated to the diet and you only drink water and tea without sugar, black coffee and skim milk.

And must be wary of fried foods, bread and flour products and that the system requires to eat beef, you can replace it with chicken or fish to be grilled or roasted, without skin and have one day of the days of eating beef.)

The work of the weekly program:

1 / the first day stomach soup and fruits except bananas, melons and watermelons prefer unsweetened juice.

2 / second day soup prepared and cooked vegetables except grain Calfasolaa bean and cowpea large baked potato.

3 / third day soup prepared mixture of the previous two days, but do not eat potatoes or bananas.

4 / fourth day stomach soup and two cups of fat-free milk and three bananas.

5 / fifth day stomach soup (only once)-free beef fat from 10 to 20 ounces and 6 fresh Tmatat and advised a lot of water, especially on this day.

6 / sixth day stomach soup (once) beef and leafy vegetables to avoid potatoes

7 / seventh day stomach soup (once) rice unsweetened fruit juice vegetables.

After seven days of food your commitment to this program you will find that you lost from 6 to 9 kilograms and if you lose 8 kilograms stopped two days and then re-program that I liked.
Finally this program may be asked of a former member, but keenness that permeated interest you throw it and I recommend couples with heavy weights that apply this program to the usefulness of the body where.

Purifies the body of toxins and impurities and with that weight down safely