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Weight loss :Nutrients important for weight loss

Nutrients important for weight loss

Weight loss :Nutrients important for weight loss

 If you want to get rid of the fat waists, and you want to get more energy and improve your overall health, here are a group of nutrients that will help you get a flat belly taut.

Flat belly diet

Do not think that exercise and calculating calories alone will help you achieve this goal. To be reconsidered in the components of the dishes you eat it does not as important as exercise in the gym. No wonder, if we say that eating salad instead of fries speeds up the process of weight loss and simply because you deport 1,000 calories for the stomach. Followers of healthy diets rich in nutrients such as calcium and vitamin C and beta-carotene (but not limited to) will help you lose weight in the waist area as well as to protect you from many diseases. Start by eating this food the following day and inevitably will feel the difference.

Beta-carotene and lycopene

What are they? This material is a pigment found in plants and colorful vegetables, both rich antioxidant properties. Beta-carotene converts to vitamin A in the liver.


According to a study published in 2009 in the Journal of Food, the people who are accustomed to eating large amounts of carotenoids, beta-carotene and alpha-carotene and lycopene enjoy amid graceful line and less fat than other.

The source of this material: As a general rule, orange and yellow vegetables rich in beta-carotene. Eat large quantities of carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach and other leafy vegetables, and eat fruits such as plum Alcantlob. Of the most important sources of tomatoes rich in lycopene. (Tip: If you heat the tomatoes that would help in the absorption of nutrients in them faster). You can get lycopene from tomato sauce and ketchup. This component also exists in food melon, grapefruit and apricot.

Vitamin C

What Vitamin C: is water soluble vitamin known as Acid Alaschorped.

Importance: In addition to the great interest in strengthening the immune system and strength in fighting colds, vitamin C plays an important role in helping you get in shape physically that Trgbinh. In a recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that people who have increased the proportion of vitamin C in the blood samples were all enjoying the perfect body amid graceful line. Vitamin C also helps in burning more calories. Study has proved that people who eat adequate amounts of vitamin C lost more weight with exercise and not others.

Sources of vitamin C: green peppers, citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli and green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes and Alcantlob.

Vitamin D

What is Vitamin D: Vitamin solvent for fats and formed naturally when exposed objects to sunlight. But because we spend most of the time away from sunlight, we rely on a range of food to provide us with this vitamin.

U.S. researchers said that those who have high levels of vitamin "d" before starting the diet succeed more than others in reducing their weight. The study found that each increase of nanograms and one out of every 25 "Hyderoxekolecsifirolla" which is a derivative of vitamin "d" in the blood helps to get rid of half a pound of weight.

Sources of vitamin D: mushrooms and eggs. In addition, you can get high amounts of vitamin in fish such as mackerel, salmon, herring, sardines, catfish and tuna.

Vitamin B:

Is a vitamins dissolved in water and plays a major role in cell metabolism.


Vitamin B helps in the prevention of the Bulge by converting proteins, fats, and carbohydrates into energy, and also by increasing the metabolism. In a study published in the International Journal of Health Nutrition and exercise, it was found that people who lack these vitamins have shown modest performance during exercise compared with others who have balanced levels of vitamin compounds. As multiple studies have shown that those who lack vitamin (b) lack the ability to repair and rebuild muscle.