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Weight loss :Rules help to lose weight for women and men

Weight loss :Rules help to lose weight for women and men

Rules help to lose weight for women and men

The Rules 

The solution is to change the idea, to  implement an integrated diet throughout life away from the temporary regulations, to you, dear 10 simple daily rules help you get rid of some small kilograms and restore confidence in yourself, especially after the diet regime long and cumbersome.

1 - control the size and quantity of food:

The first advice to you is to control the amount of food, especially the size of the dishes, Recently became dishes large and contain large quantities of food, Valehilh old for using small dishes are useful, the other thing is to make sure the proper amounts in your meal example meat piece of meat in each meal must does not exceed the size of the palm of the hand.

Either on snacks between meals Fabtaadi the giant bags of potatoes or packaged foods in huge bags, and always make sure your meals filled with various kinds of fruit and vegetables to overcome the carbohydrates of rice, bread, pasta, basically.

2 - Avoid foods  without fat "diet":

In fact, a lot of followers Systems They filled their fridges different kinds of foods low in fat or without fat completely, in fact, those foods are a lie because manufacturers add sugar and flour in order to improve the taste, and thus contain calories approach to foods original with fat!

They also replace those fats with other materials rapid absorption in the blood and therefore may be one of the causes of diabetes.

As some when they see those signs understand they consider fat green signal to eat more, and thus lose the whole thing its goal of weight loss and physical health.

3 - your metabolism:

Metabolism is a process in which the body converts food into energy, if you d lose weight on you to make your body burn more calories and energy and fat.

- Dietary supplements:

Nutritional supplements we mean the vitamins tablets, you may need to eat vitamins Fajtara what your body needs, taking into account any particular diseases and anemia Anemia very useful Valhdid you, and also you can take pills that contain omega-3 and vitamin e.

- Add protein and green color to your meals:

Eating fiber found in vegetables makes the metabolism work better and reduces the desire to eat unhealthy foods, and also eat protein because your body burn calories twice faster than eating carbohydrates.

Therefore eating  of fish each week, Vasmak salmon, for example, contain omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to burn fat you have.

Spices and spicy foods:

Can get energy from spices and foods spicy, and people who do not like food spicy you can eat spices or foods that give energy without taste cayenne such as pepper, ginger studies confirmed that ginger for example does not help in the digestion process, but raises body temperature and metabolic rates by 20% .

4 - industrial sugar cutters "Diet":

Sugar industry is an alternative for sugar is normal and is in a lot of soft drinks, juices and food, but the problem lies in that it does not solve the really problem sugar and weight gain, because Alalgesm expected when we eat that extends calories while eating sugar industry without any calories makes you feel hungry and thus Eat more food!!!

As the industrial sugar taste sweeter than regular sugar by 7000 times!

Industrial sugar cutters and Astbdlah natural sugar found in fruit and antioxidants, such as dark chocolate.

5 - soda cutters:

Filled with caffeinated soda and calorie, Valsoda increase the weight in addition to a diabetes and osteoporosis and tooth decay even drinks Diet food containing artificial sweeteners, and the carbonates found in soda cause swelling and gas in the abdomen!

6 - Exercise:

You Keen exercise or any kind of sport, and if you do not have enough time Fajtara daily walk, which commensurate with the nature of your business.

7 - others of burn rate of calorie:

If I used to a particular diet or specific diet after a while you will find that your body has stopped losing weight because he has grown accustomed to a diet and burn those calories only, national change habits burning by adding different exercises or sports activities or reduce your calories normal For example, if you need to 1800 calories use downgrade to 1700 only a day.

8 - Drink water wisely:

Everyone knows that drinking water is useful for health and skin but also drinking water has a worker to lose weight, where studies have shown that eating 6-7 glasses of water per day leads to burn 200 calories a day!

9 - Whole grains:

Instead of bread, white rice and pasta head to eating whole grains, grains full filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as it helps you a feeling of fullness and satiety beside that eating whole grains helps you avoid diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, cholesterol and obesity.

Nationalist using whole grains such as:

  • Brown rice
  • Oatmeal
  • And brown bread
  • Pasta made from whole grains

10 - Cleaning:

There certain foods eliminate accumulated toxins in your body, which causes swelling and inflammation such as lemon, mint, ginger, bananas and red onion and olive oil and garlic and sea salt and cucumbers, pomegranates and cabbage, try following a two-day contain these foods in order to get rid of toxins in the liver, colon and kidney.