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Weight loss :Stand three hours a day a way to reduce excess weight

Weight loss :Stand three hours a day a way to reduce excess weight

Stand three hours a day a way to reduce excess weight

way to reduce excess weight

Recent British study proved that stand for a period of three hours per day can help burn approximately 3.6 kilograms of fat in general.

Dr. John Buckley of the University of British Chester
, that any person suffering an increase in weight, especially after the holiday season, think of spending a long time standing working instead of sitting behind the desk.

Buckley gave an example of using high office a person standing on his feet instead of sitting.

Dr Buckley, of the Department of Nutrition and Clinical Sciences, to get rid of the seats and work in a standing position can reduce obesity and improves blood circulation in the body.

He added that the stand for a period of three hours, causing burn approximately 144 calories in the body.

"People are sitting for long hours in their work and then sitting behind the wheel of the car and then sit in front of the TV, which adversely affects the metabolic process," adding, "This is abnormal, Humans are designed to stand up and move not to sit and dwell."

The previous study links between sitting for long periods and increase the risk of obesity, a previous study also warned of sedentary what caused deaths than those caused by smoking.

A recent American study, recently presented at the American Heart Association conference in Los Angeles, has shown that sitting for long periods helps the accumulation of a harmful type of fat around the heart that remains unaffected even if these people exercise regularly.

Larsen says that this means that if a person jogs, for example, every day and then sits for eight hours a day, the effect of sitting remains harmful to his health.

And she noted that sitting still is harmful to health, even if there is no weight gain as a result.

The study found that the more periods of sitting, the more fat accumulated around the heart.

The researcher warns that this type of fat is associated with cardiovascular disease, as well as interfering with heart functions and blocking arteries.

The study indicated that exercise does not help get rid of those fats accumulated on the heart, although it reduces the fats that accumulate around other body organs, which cause diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

"In order to maintain your health, you need to focus on both things: get enough physical activity and don't sit for ten hours a day, as many people do," she said.

Here the researcher refers to the idea of ​​resorting to standing offices or to stand up and move around a little every hour or two of sitting at work.