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Weight loss : Surest solution to weight loss

Weight loss : Surest solution to weight loss

Surest solution to weight loss


First: not eating until satiated system

Not fill the stomach to eat and only fill only a third of the stomach .... Try piece and do not wait until saturation.

Will feel not to laziness and lethargy after eating then you can after the piece do the normal effort
Whether you go to your business or recall your lessons focus.
In the case of failure to fill the stomach until the body is forced to saturation transfer and consumption of fatty tissue As the body's need energy functional to which causes loss of excess weight.

Second: a lot of drinking water

Drink a lot of water, and if you feel some hunger then drink a cup or two cups
Of water before eating, and drink two cups of water in the morning on an empty stomach.

Third: the multiplicity of meals

 We must learn that the greater the number of daily meals, the better for weight loss
Not for three meals system nor system diets and each meal, but the body's need should be filled
Whenever you feel hungry, because if you let yourself severe hunger then eat greedily and unconsciously
The quality or quantity of food. The system each meal leads to reduce the speed of the process of representation
Food and burning fat, which helps to reduce the speed to get rid of excess weight, a piece advised
Nutrition experts Calories should be divided today on the largest number of meals because the piece leads to speed
Digestion and weight loss.

Fourth: Do not take all the food:

Accustomed to not finish all the food in the dishes and not the goal of eating is to fill case hunger  into account qualities and quantities to be dealt with every meal.

Fifth: call:

If invited to the determination or went to a restaurant, so do not try to change the diet to be followed to lose excess weight, in any way when it started its implementation.

Sixth: selection of seafood:

If there Achtaarma between fish and meat, let your choice of marine fish special, they are less fatty Ahtwaellansjh and harmful toxins and more contain the necessary minerals for the body, and it is best to always use the fish fresh, not frozen or canned.

Seventh: eating fresh foods:

It is always better and never eating fresh foods stomach in the case or on the same day at most, and so does the fruit do not need to eat fruit before picking several days or who spent in refrigerators several weeks and should be eating fruits and vegetables of all kinds in the season which ordinary control Nature.

Eighth: not to reduce calories:

To not try to use the method of reducing calorie intake per day as a method of success accursed plant, where some believe that eating foods with a low-calorie a day can reduce the weight dramatically and fast, but that this method in itself is enough to destroy the accursed, because he feels when human very hungry keeps the body through the combustion process to speed the natural and the result will be a further increase in weight, so with nutrition experts advised not to try to underestimate the number of of everyday Sarlt 1200 and 1000 kcal / day.

IX: Replace soft drinks herbal:

Try as much as possible to stay away from drinking soft drinks and replace them with herbal drinks that help you lose weight, or drink natural fruit juices without sugar.
And you should know that one pack of soft drinks containing the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar.

Tenth: eating beneficial foods and beverages:

Be sure to eat foods and drinks that have proven scientific research they reduce weight, such as:
(Green tea, chamomile Alemramah, celery, cherries, kale, lettuce, parsley, cucumbers, apples)