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Weight loss : The simplest and easiest ways to lose weight

Weight loss : The simplest and easiest ways to lose weight

The simplest and easiest ways to lose weight

easiest ways to lose weight

You can lose weight gradually and without following the diet and measured in a simple way limited to certain changes in materials that are taken daily, says d. Ali Abbasi President of the Egyptian obesity and endocrine: 

we can replace components eating that will help to increase the weight and containing high-calorie other types contain the same interest and nutritional value but lower in calories and thus will not deprive the body of useful food. 

He pointed through it you can lose about 10 kilos of weight in time than one year, by burning 190 calories every day with a move away from fast foods such as Alhmburger and fried potatoes and soft drinks.

And you can decrease the excess weight following way: 

Switch components and breakfast

If the most types of cakes contain high-calorie not less than 500 calories per piece, it is better switch cake plate of cornflakes, which contains 105 calories plus a spoonful of raisins '34 calories' with half a cup of skim milk and equivalent 40 calories value Vtkon this dish 180 calories can also replace a small dish of beans and a small piece of cheese and brown bread and boiled egg and have that meal on the same few calories, about 170 calories ..

Soup instead of the sandwich

If the sandwiches are rich in protein and vegetables, they contain calories high as two slices of bread containing the 200 calories, and several small pieces of turkey or chicken contain over 220 calories in addition to mayonnaise '80 calories' making it up to 500 price Thermal either soup contains a two only 90 calories plus they saturated and nutritious meal ...

Fruits instead of sweets

Contains a piece chocolate at 220 calories and 13 grams of fat and if replaced pill banana and one will get 100 calories only, and get the equivalent of 120 calories a day and within a week will be obtained at 360 calories if taken three times.

French fries atomically natural 'popcorn'

Contain caddy per or per bag of potatoes that provide us with the most food to 150 calories either popcorn contains about 30 calories and thus get about 120 calories and are enjoying the taste of popcorn margarine instead of eating potatoes for entertainment or as part of food daily or with meals fast and at the same time will get the same nutritional benefit.

Sugar substitute

Better replace two tablespoons of sugar daily two spoons of sugar substitute in coffee morning in tea and other, Vmlaktan of sugar containing about 30 calories while containing two tablespoons of sugar substitute on 10 calories only and thus are getting about 140 calories during the week.

Fruit juice instead of milk shakes

It contains milk shakes genitive precious high 300 calories and when replaced juice fruit component than half a cup of milk skimmed with half a cup of strawberries and half a cup of banana sliced ​​and a teaspoon of honey with some ice cubes containing on 125 calories making us get rid of about 175 price if touched upon once a week.

Fat-free milk

It contains whole milk at 240 calories and 9 grams saturated fat, while containing skim milk fat to 170 calories and less than grams fat any can get rid of 70 calories a day, at the same time will get the same nutritional value away from the fat and weight gain.