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Weight loss : Weight loss for teenagers

Weight loss : Weight loss for teenagers

Weight loss for teenagers

Become obese spread among children and adolescents as well as spread between women and men, so it has the Dr. Sahar Khairy, Assistant Consultant children at the National Nutrition Institute, perform a search for a strategy for the treatment of obesity in children and adolescents.

Says We have done educating diet to know how important healthy eating and away from food saturated fat, which contain a high percentage of calories and nutritional value is low, and we also work to educate athletes about the importance of exercise, where were measured weight of children and adolescents, and knowing the history of food for them .
 and we did blood tests to measure the proportion of fat blood sugar and hemoglobin, and the proportion of the presence of vitamin "A" and "e", and the element chromium and zinc, was the work health system specific mathematical system, and we were Bmtabathm for a year per month, and in the end of the period we measured mass of weight, We do medical tests required, and we have re-what was done before the diet, where research was conducted on about 2000 children and 1000 adolescents, where it was found and there is a noticeable improvement in weight, and children had their food balanced and healthy contains all the nutrients by the body's needs her, with distance from eating sweets and potato chips and soda water and fat and eat more fruits and vegetables, which fell weight on average about 5% in weight of the weight, and for teens we see the calories they Atnalunha, and we cut 500 price each month until we get to the calories we need, and an improvement in weight and the area around the center, and was more improvement in obese patients increase by weight.
The quality of the food was a healthy eating balanced contain all the nutrients, but low in fat and high in nutritional value.
And children and adolescents began to get used to eating junk food a few calories in the changing pattern their own food.
And an improvement in the level of blood fats and decreased fat blood sugar and increased vitamin "A" and "e", due to its low weight, resulting in improved health, because when it increases obesity least with the proportion of vitamin "A" and "e." And increased percentage of chromium and zinc after weight reduction.