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Weight loss :30 simple method and easy to weight loss, especially abdominal


Weight loss :30 simple method and easy to weight loss, especially abdominal

30 simple method and easy to weight loss, especially abdominal

30 simple method

Faced with this reality, the battle begins to get rid of excess pounds, but unfortunately the vast majority resort to devious methods involve risks, except for failing to achieve the desired end. 

The 'thawed' limited kilos of body, you do not need to go into the maze of fevers are often disappointing, except for costly. 

That every thing is simple tips will help ensure that achieve the desired, without profound changes in dietary habits.

 In what comes limping on these tips: 

1 - to drink water when you feel hungry between meals President, it would prevent indulge in gorging on food add to the body of calories unnecessary. 

2 - Do not neglect breakfast, they make a person less of starvation in the following meals.
3 - start eating green power at the beginning of lunch and dinner, this fills the stomach and accelerate satiety and reduce the amount of food intake. 

4 - Replace milk and full-fat dairy products, low-fat ones give fewer calories. 

5 - stop eating once a sense of satiety, as it is not necessary to terminate a person full dish, preferably been eating in the dishwasher small because it would determine the amount of food, and in this context, studies have reported that the use of plates small pay holders to consume a minimum of food. 

6 - Replace white bread rapid absorption brown bread slow absorption, because the latter remains roving digestive tube in for a relatively longer period of his white counterpart, delaying the sense of hunger. In addition, the brown bread contains nutrients lacking in white, which proved important in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. 

7 - Do not use table sugar in sweetening beverages, such as coffee, tea, chocolate, or work on the use of alternatives to desalination. It is true that table sugar is important for the body requirement consumption within reasonable and acceptable, Over-eating leads to oxidation other materials such as proteins that result in residues destructive cells, lipids, which lead to limit the ability of the body to get rid of the bad cholesterol, and collagen that deprive the skin of its flexibility and usual Taraute.
8 - beware of soft drinks that contain a high amount of sugar food, Valaboh, each where the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar, which gives calories surplus, in addition to that these drinks rich gas carbon which hampers the process of digestion, and organic acids that damage tooth enamel . 

8 - Adoption of whole foods as much as possible, and stay away from refined foods (refinery), which lacks many of the nutrients as a result of transactions emergency and non-emergency spill.
9 - the abandonment of fried foods in favor of boiled or grilled foods, because the first is full of fat, making it a high-energy contributing in excess inventory fat in the body. In addition to this, the pans are usually unhealthy foods, due to the failure of the problems in the digestive tube, weight and arteries. 

10 - The use of spices perfume the food on behalf of the sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup and other) teeming Baldehnaat and additions. The spices give low energy, except for it has medical benefits and health benefits because they contain natural ingredients useful destructive microbes, fungi and toxins, and are useful in the treatment of many diseases. 

11 - Avoiding canned foods and ready, because they contain compounds is not in the interest of the person who wants to reduce weight, Such foods often teeming with devastating health Trio: sugar, fat and salt. 

12 - Non gorging on food in front of the TV, because this behavior often leads to increased amounts greater than eating unconsciously. 

13 - chew before swallowing, Valthor in eating and drinking leads to gorging on more food because satiety center in the brain needs some time to be informed messages required by the digestive system, not to mention this, the speed of eating open the door to infection indigestion and accompanied by symptoms of annoying, starting and passing through the bloat and the acidity of the stomach, and the end of the abdominal pain. 

14 - beware of Aelchoraba because each contains fatty materials (butter, whipped cream, oil), does not help in the success of weight reduction program. 

15 - eat chicken without skin, because the latter contains a lot of fatty substances.
16 - not to exaggerate in salt sprinkled on food, increase in salt consumption contributes to fluid retention in the body and thus to increase the weight. 

17 - when you feel hungry between meals can chew celery or drinking green tea, they help in burning calories. 

18 - request healthy foods when eating in restaurants, and preferably have been inquiring about what meals provided, to select what is good and eliminate what is not valid in the weight loss process. 

19 - do not fill the kitchen cabinets cuisine. Especially nuts and sweets, biscuits and chocolates ... Etc., so as to cut off the temptations and the prospect eat between meals. 

20 - do household chores that will away the owner thinking about eating, and therefore be an incentive for him to lose weight. 

21 - Replace meat with fish because it contains less calories. 

22 - preference for eating piece of fruit instead of juice, because it is richer in vitamins and poorest in calories. 

23 - Shopping nutritional needs intelligently without exaggerations, preferably Reviewed list of procurement, in order to avoid buying food than needed. 

24 - Go to the market and stomach filled, it limits the surrender to the temptations and the tendency to «Nqrchat» unnecessary.
25 - not to rush to reduce weight, because this method will accelerate the recovery of lost kilos faster than lightning. 

26 - walking daily for a period of not less than half an hour, because it helps in weight loss, and raise the morale of the person for attendance in the program. 

27 - Use the stairs instead of the elevator whenever it has allowed it, it is useful in burning calories. 

28 - Do not use the car at short distances, but preferably in this case, cut these distances on foot or appeal to the bike. 

29 - dispense the remote control in the ignition or the television to change stations, this benefit to make more traffic, and 'in the swimming movement, as the saying goes. 

30 - to say 'No' when necessary and only diet For Peace. 

Keeping conclusion three very important observations: 


 turn them into tea laxative which is sold widely in stores, and ironic that those who eat eat the fortune and descending without the expense, and arguing that this tea, pays eating out of the body without benefit from it, and the fact that use long for this tea will be attached real disaster Basharbah, because it affects the balance of salt and fluid in the body, except for the extreme gravity that cause the membrane lining of the intestines. 


There are those who use a mixture of herbs to lose weight without any medical advice, but the latter should bear in mind that several herbs mixed with each other may leave toxic effects cause the most damage to the body, especially the liver and kidneys. 


 others seduced by propaganda promoted by topical creams Slimming, and it says that it burns fat, but no fat burn these creams? That this false propaganda, and everything you do this CHOLESTEROL she emptied the pockets of the owners of the mone.