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Weight loss : Foods burn fat

Weight loss : Foods burn fat


Foods burn fat

It has become commonplace in some sessions and associations that people talk about weight loss and get rid of the fat methods.

 Moreover, the exchange of creative and innovative recipes to reduce or burn fat. For example, "you have apple cider vinegar!" "I eat a grapefruit and pineapple!" And already accepted by the people and in Iserfon addressed, hoping to burn these fats Almichbesh in place and refuses to give him a fantastic strongly. Could it be that the rumors are true? What we believe and why we lie?

 Believing sinner 1:

 Strange fruit grapefruit burn fat in the body.


The value of grapefruit great food because it contains vitamin C and abundant amount of fiber, which gives a feeling of fullness. Also play a positive role in the absorption of sugar in the body process, but they do not cause burn fat directly.

 False belief 2:

 Cabbage soup is strange, astonishing impact on the body to burn fat and lose weight.


 There is no food to burn fat. What of kilos is a shortage of water from the body and no shortage of fat. Eating one type of food or to follow a strict diet based on cabbage soup for a week a negative impact on health. It does not just make you feel weak and tired, and even make you lose minerals and vitamins cabinets of your body. 

Be those temporary weight loss, what can you stop all follow this random system even Tkspa weight again. But it is good to know is to begin your meal with a bowl of soup has several benefits, as they make you feel fuller and thus alleviate the food intake during this meal, thus you eat fewer calories.

 Believing sinner 3:

 Apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach helps burn fat accumulated.


 Are you compelled !? that's not true! Be sure that taking vinegar on an empty stomach may expose your stomach to ulcer disease because it contains acid and never makes you expend fat from your body, but could you expend your stomach.

 Believing sinner 4:

 It helps warm the water intake (or lukewarm) in the morning in dissolving grease.


 Whether the water is warm or cold, there is no difference at all. Because the water takes the temperature of the body after drinking. Not waterproof relationship dissolving fat. 

It helps rid the body of toxins and to regulate its operations effectively, and may help in weight loss when you follow a healthy diet.

 Believing sinner 5:

 Pineapple helps the body get rid of the fat eaten during the meal.


 All speak about the role of pineapple in burning fat! I've known this fruit its proximity to the enzyme "bromelain" Bromelain. 

It was common that this enzyme helps to break down fats and disposal, but in fact this enzyme contributes to the digestion of protein and has no effect on fat! But it is important to know that the pineapple fruit is very healthy, as it is low calorie and calorie rich in fiber which has the look of fullness, you can make it part of your diet balanced and savoring the taste of sweet and refreshing.

 Believing sinner 6:

 Help caffeinated drinks in the process of weight loss by burning fat.


 made false claims about caffeine that accelerates the process of burning energy in the body and thus helps in weight loss. In fact, caffeine stimulant nice helps you feel more alert and gives impetus to the day full of activity, but it does not contribute to fat burning.

 What most people think !! : 

many people are turning to certain foods in order to burn fat from the body, because she thought it speeds up the process of burning energy, which helps with weight loss. Unfortunately, this belief is wrong. 

It is true it is, that when you eat any meal to eat, this results in a temporary increase in the process of burning energy in the body, and this increase does not pose a significant Whatever type of food this difference.

 The solution?

 The solution to burn fat is to exert physical effort.
 No matter how many attempts, the best way to encourage the body to burn energy properly, is left to do exercise regularly and make it a part of everyday life. 

This will help to increase muscle mass in the body and reduce the fat stored. The adoption of a diet base balance and diversification in food, to achieve gradual loss of health in the accumulated fat and thus a decrease in weight. This is the recommended way to healthy lifestyle.

 Good to know:

Be sure that the random diets based on one type of food negatively affect your health. Conversely, calls food and health instructions to follow a diet low in fat and moderate in calories to reach a healthy weight desired.

  It is very important to you that you recognize yourself more. Start by discovering yourself again, and my son a strong relationship with your personality, your identity. 

Whatever your weight bother you, then you need to Ttwasali with inner beauty and Thabay yourself and satisfy them. Being confident that you deserve is always better. This will enable you to access to all Ttmahan it does not weaken the will of so beautiful that you like Being.