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Weight loss : How to Lose 15 pounds in a month

Weight loss : How to Lose 15 pounds in a month

How to Lose 15 pounds in a month

To get limber and harmonic body the dream of a lot of people if not most of them not and exceed ways and methods used by people to get the ideal weight and the loss of extra kilos of weight, and whenever rid of weight quickly whenever they return to an earlier covenant faster, said that getting the perfect body and weight loss commitment requires a healthy way of life and not a diet or a temporary diet, if the diet Algmaih cruel followed by some possible to make a person almost 15 kilos of talents if he was suffering from weight gain, but the most important is a healthy life-long way to keep your weight and  the results that we got her, because unfortunately at preventing the body from the food that he needs for his vital activities that require energy to do them, which takes them through the food and the food we eat every day.

Here are some ways to diet but no change to the previous system of eating will make you gain weight again:

Diet Water: 

And lose people who suffer from obesity nearly 15 pounds of their weight within one month from the carrying out of this system, and does this diet large number of people around the world, totally dependent on the water and in the case of hunger Ths on a platter of power without salt and a glass of milk free fat unsweetened.

Care must be taken to comply with this diet to get the desired results and do not eat bread, different kinds of carbohydrates in general and any type of other types of food prevents eating and avoid eating any of salted food or overall salt intake, and despite the difficulty of this accursed but a lot of people work in it and lose weight through it but once you go back to eating the previous amounts gaining weight again, so stay away from fats and oils and salts must continue after the diet 

Diet dates:

Most diets are recommended because of the passing of the great benefits in terms of dates contains all the nutrients that the body needs them to do the vital activities required of it, but it must dates individually addressed even turn into carbohydrates and turn into sugars, which dealt with three beads and then 5 beads and beads 7, and you should also drink plenty of water during the following dates and complements the diet to lose the person from which 3 to 4 kg per week depending on the activity and movement of every person. It is important to follow the diet after the commitment to health system and move away from over-eating and sleeping on the back and regular exercise with attention to drink enough water and alopecia in the morning.