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Weight loss : What is the diet of proteins ?


Weight loss : What is the diet of proteins ?

What is the diet of proteins ?

Protein diet or Atkins diet food is a diet focuses on the consumption of proteins, carbohydrates account, usually recommended for patients with diabetes because carbohydrates raise blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes. 

The significance of this diet in a rapid loss of weight, and the ability to have more control over glucose and insulin levels in the blood, and the problems of this diet lies in the disposal in whole grains useful carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables.

 It can carbohydrates evaluated by Glycemic index, because of Glycemic index higher foods lead to higher blood sugar levels, thereby increasing the secretion of insulin, a hormone that increases the feeling of hunger to consume larger amounts of food, on the contrary low Glycemic index foods that reduce the secretion of insulin and reduce the feeling of hunger. 

The diet, which relies protein works to improve the level of good Alklestrul in the body, and makes good loss of weight over a short period not to exceed six months, but after the piece does not progress in weight loss, rather than the expected health risks as a result of a system which relies on reduced-carbohydrate and high protein.

Problems arising from the diet proteins :

Increase the pressure on the various organs of the body, especially the kidneys and liver.

  The apparent increase in the consumption of protein increases the ratio of ketones in the blood, in addition to bad breath.

Animal protein consumption increases the risk of heart disease and hardening of the arteries, because it contains saturated fat. 

Increased protein affect the consumption of vegetables and fruits, vegetable fibers, which leads to infection constipation and increase the likelihood of cancer.

General tips to reduce weight :

  Good nutrition depends on moderate eating meals, contain all the nutrients important a healthy body without focusing on the food item without the other elements, because it exhausts the body and cause serious complications on the health, when dieting you must consider the following:

We should not follow the diet for a long period, because the piece affects on health. In any diet should not be underestimated vegetables and fruits.

Avoid consumption of carbohydrates that have a high index Galayseme.

When you follow a diet of protein must strike a balance between plant and animal proteins, and focus on the good proteins such as fish, which is one of the best types of animal proteins, in addition to good plant sources such as beans of all kinds. 

Use fat sources of unsaturated, such as olive oil, and oil Asamm because they contribute to the prevention of diseases. 

An emphasis on natural materials, and stay away from processed materials because they contain preservatives.



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