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Arm exercises for beginners


Arm exercises for beginners

The best exercises to get bigger arm muscles for beginners

Building strong, sculpted and prominent arm muscles is the main dream of all coaches inside the gymnasium of novice athletes, and many trainees may lose patience to wait enough time to get the results they seek, so the appearance of these muscles gives the man a manly appearance, strong and solid, making it A very important goal for everyone interested in performing bodybuilding exercises.

The best exercises to inflate the arm muscles

The nature of the muscles for beginners and the needs of their builders are clearly different from the professionals when doing exercises to amplify muscles and bodybuilding inside the body and of course aerobic exercises are very important for building muscles with proper nutrition and adequate rest for the gym and now we will show the best exercises that can be performed if you are a beginner that will help to establish muscles The arm is strong and enlarged and highlighted, enhancing the ability of those muscles to grow and interact with future exercises.

1- You must stand straight in front of the machine at an appropriate distance, then hold the double braided handle while keeping your torso steady and also take into account maintaining the natural curve of the back.

2- Place your elbows on your sides and work on their stability during movement, and move with the forearms only, not with the upper arms.

Push your forearms up until your fist reaches in front of your chest, then slowly descend, taking care to keep the upper arms stable with repetition

The "5x5" program to get perfect chest muscles during the winter

All exercises included in this program must be practiced for 4 groups, each group consists of 8 to 12 repetitions, depending on the physical and physical ability of the trainee, and can be performed in conjunction with weight lifting exercises to improve the final result.

1- Overhead Triceps

Training the triceps muscles or the three-Ross muscle located in the upper arm is of great importance and is considered the largest part that must be focused on to give the arm a strong and massive shape, as it is divided into several parts, which gives an integrated appearance to the arms, and in this exercise the back parts must be targeted. Those muscles.

2- Hammer Curl

It is considered one of the most important and major exercises to strengthen and inflate the muscles of the lateral and frontal part of the biceps muscle, which is the largest, largest and strongest of the arm muscles. The performance of this exercise has a secondary effect on the forearm muscle because of the way the trainee raises the weights of dumbbells.

3- Biceps Curls

This exercise is very important, as it is indispensable because it contributes directly to increasing the pumping of a greater amount of blood to the biceps muscle, which helps to inflate and grow as required.

4- Triceps Kickback

The effect that you get from performing this exercise depends on properly choosing the right weight for you and your physical and muscle condition without increasing or decreasing in order not to negatively affect the ability of the shoulder joint or elbow and this exercise has a great and wonderful effect on the side and back parts of the triceps muscles.

5- Triceps Pushdowns

You will actually get more strong muscle masses when you regular exercise this exercise, and one of the most important points that you must always take care of when practicing this exercise is performing the exercises with the ideal weight not to put pressure on the shoulder or elbow and also to avoid and maintain stiffness of the back muscles and joints.

6- Bent Knee Push-Up

Although you will not need to lift any weights to perform this exercise, its effectiveness on your arm muscles is wonderful and very noticeable, as this group of push-up exercises is designed to target the arm muscles in general and in focus, and you can train these muscles completely depending on body weight only, which makes practicing it not easy in particular. For the novice.

7- Bench Dips

The results of this exercise appear on the chest muscles as well in addition to the triceps muscles, and it gives great results for those muscles in particular, and the exercise depends on body weight only, as it is one of the exercises that stimulates growth in more than one muscle at the same time.

8- Modified Chin-Ups

The performance of this exercise affects the muscles of the forearms and fists, which gives them the strength needed to perform more exercises in the future and lift to greater weights. It also helps to supply the elbow and elbow joints with more strength and flexibility, and certainly stimulates the growth and prominence of the bicep and triceps muscle.