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Weight loss :Benefits of push-ups


Benefits of push-ups and what muscles it strengthens

Benefits of push-ups

Benefits of push-up exercises where push-ups are one of the very popular exercises known to everyone, as they are characterized by a group of easy and simple movements that we can do anywhere and at any time
Who among us does not want strong arm muscles ?
Who among us does not want prominent and distinctive chest muscles?
The answer is simply to do push-ups frequently.
In this article, we will discuss the great benefits of push-ups. Read the article to the end.

Push-ups and muscle strengthening exercises:

The push-up exercise is an exercise that is applied, by pointing the face down, relying on the hands, then doing the direction to raise the body from the ground and then bend toward the ground again, and the exercise is carried out through a different group of postures, and the exercise works to develop a group of muscles, the most important of which are muscles Pectoralis major, triceps brachii muscle, anterior serratus, deltoid muscle, and also coracoid muscle. And others.

Benefits of push-ups:

The health and physical benefits of pressure exercise are more than wonderful, as its great benefits vary, so come to know them in the next lines:

1. Target multiple muscle groups:

Pushup is a combination exercise, meaning that it involves using more than one muscle and joint group to do an upward push, stimulating your arms, shoulders, chest, back, leg and even your legs - and all the joints that move when those muscles move - to complete the movement.
While the pectoral muscles, or pectoralis, are the primary drivers, the triceps muscle on either side of your upper arm, or shoulder muscles, are also muscles that are interconnected together that play major roles.

You have the rectus abdominis, or you have the obliques muscle that runs either side of your midsection; Your quadriceps muscles on the fronts of the thighs and the erect muscles along your spine stabilize your body during movement, in short: you get a lot of your muscle strength when you do pushups.

2- build muscle:

When doing push-ups on a regular basis, it helps build the core muscles of the body, the muscle called Pectoralis Major, which is located in the chest, is the muscle that engages other muscles while we do a pushup, since the position of the body is on the ground during an exercise , It gets a lot of benefits.
This helps us to stay in good shape, the triceps muscles, which are on the back side of the upper arm, are the ones that held the body weight at that time, and for better results, you need to keep the hands in a moderate position and not in a wider position, other muscles that benefit Of the push-ups are the serratus muscles anterior, deltoid muscles and Coracobrachialis muscles.

3- It increases bone mass:

One of the benefits of push-up training is that when we get older, bone mass slowly retracts, this will eventually lead to bone loss, and we reach what is known as osteoporosis, this is a condition with weak bones, which usually leads to fractures, to avoid this bad future, Getting regular exercise will help a lot, push-up helps us gain bone mass, allowing us to stay strong and healthy even during aging.

4- It gives strength to the abdominal muscles:

The positive factor in doing push-ups is that it helps in strengthening the abdominal muscles. The right form of push-ups helps give your body the ideal position you have dreamed of, but when you tend to do it the wrong way, it can cause spinal injuries.

5-Stretching the muscles:

One of the most important benefits of doing pushups is the stretching it provides to the muscles, especially the biceps and dorsal muscles.
When you lower yourself to the ground, your back muscles are effectively stretched, and when you push yourself to the starting position, the biceps will get a full stretch. This not only improves flexibility, but also helps prevent injuries, but firm muscles are characterized by a strong and attractive appearance.

6- Strengthening cardiovascular muscles:

As mentioned earlier, push-ups are classified as a combination exercise as they require multiple muscle groups.When large muscle groups are involved at the same time, your heart must work hard to deliver oxygen-rich blood to the muscle tissue, ultimately, this activity performs. To cardiovascular exercise, which supports heart health and promotes reduction of stored body fats.