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Weight loss :Bodybuilding and weight loss


Weight loss :Bodybuilding and weight loss

Bodybuilding and weight loss

The relationship between bodybuilding and weight loss

Many people who decide to lose weight and start exercising find themselves puzzled by this question: Should I start with cardio or bodybuilding?

These two types of sport are the most common today, but it is difficult to distinguish between them and to know which of them is the best and in which you should invest your time.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about cardio and bodybuilding for training in order to lose weight and excess fat.

Cardio burns more fat in training session:

Many scientists have researched the amount of calories burned by performing a variety of activities.

Based on this research, you can rely on your weight to estimate the number of calories you will burn while doing various exercises, including cardio and weight training exercises.

In a lot of exercise, the more weight you weigh, the more calories you burn.

By increasing your speed to 6 mph, you will burn about 365 calories in the same period (30 minutes).

On the other hand, if you train with weightlifting for the same time, you will only burn 130 to 220 calories.

Summary: The number of calories burned during training depends on your body size and the intensity and frequency of exercises, and cardio burns more calories than exercising with weights during the training session.

Bodybuilding Burn More Calories In The Long Term:

Weightlifting is more effective in building muscle, and muscle burns a large amount of calories compared to any other organ.

That's why building muscle is the perfect way to increase fat burning at rest.

In a study conducted, Resting Metabolism for 24 weeks of exercise was measured using weights.

Although these ratios look good, we must calculate how much this ratio represents:

For men, the increase in burning was 140 calories a day.

For women it was only 50 calories per day.

So, the practice of bodybuilding will not make your fat burning percentage reach the peak, but it helps to increase it gradually, and weight training remains effective in burning fat as when you lift weights, you burn more fat in the hours after exercise compared to practicing cardio exercises.

Summary:weight training can increase your fat burning rate over time, although the changes are not massive until weight training remains more effective than cardio.

Diet and training are very important to long-term success

The largest international health organizations recommend changing both your eating habits and your physical activities to achieve your weight loss and fat loss goals.

Studies have shown that the ideal program for long-term weight loss includes a moderate reduction in calories eaten.

Most people say that diet is important in order to lose weight, and others go far and say that diet is all that matters in the answer to losing weight, but this is wrong because training is also important.

There is a scientific study that included more than 400 people that compared the changes caused by a change in diet and training and that caused by changing the diet only.

Summary: a healthy diet and a good exercise program are the most important factors for long-term weight loss.

Weight loss programs that include exercise and sports activities lead to better results in losing weight and excess fat.

For example, if you weigh 160 pounds, or about 73 kilograms, you will burn about 250 calories every 30 minutes of running in a moderate and continuous pace.

Mostly, you will burn more calories when doing cardio than doing bodybuilding exercises.

Although exercise with weights does not burn as much calories as cardio, it has many other benefits as:

For men, an increase of 9% was observed in the percentage of calories burned, the effectiveness for women was less, where the rate of increase was 4%.

In fact, some reports say that burning fat continues for up to 38 hours after exercise, and this is a really long period, as during your practice of weight-lifting exercises, burning fat is not limited to the time of the exercise, but continues even for days after the exercise, and of course the greater the frequency and intensity of your exercise increases The number of calories burned

Most people know that training and healthy eating are important to good health.

Making sure to do the best exercises is not enough to lose weight, but you must look at your diet if you want to increase your development towards achieving your goals.

The result of the study was that the results obtained by relying on diet and training together were 20% better than the results obtained by relying on diet only.