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Bodybuilding Benefits 


 The youth group in general seeks to obtain an attractive body and strong and solid muscles, by practicing bodybuilding exercises, which highlight the body's muscles clearly, increase strength and physical fitness, increase self-confidence and a sense of self-satisfaction, and many positive effects Resulting from their practice.

   Bodybuilding Benefits

There are many benefits to bodybuilding, including:
  •  Bodybuilding exercises help get rid of excess body fats and burn them through the practice of bodybuilding exercises, especially aerobic exercises, which makes improving body and coordination possible.

  •  Increasing the ability of the body's organs to benefit from different foods, and that is through the distribution and digestion of food easily, so as to contribute to these exercises in improving the level of metabolism.

  • Increased endurance in the event of the body being exposed to specific shocks or accidents, due to muscle strength, flexibility and stiffness in the face of potential injuries. Exercise reduces the possibility of developing diabetes, because it contributes to burning the largest possible amount of sugars in the blood.

  •  Mastering the various jobs practiced by men, especially those that require physical strength, such as building and lifting heavy materials, etc., in addition to their contribution to increasing the performance needed by different sports, such as football, basketball, running, and others.

  •  Increasing the man’s attractiveness as a result of his prominent muscles and sculpted body, which increases his self-confidence as he feels that he is a loved and desired person.

  • The activity of mental abilities, which increases focus and speed in making sound decisions, is due to the possibility of blood flowing in the arteries and blood vessels in a safe manner, without obstacles standing in front of the blood, such as arteriosclerosis, and the enlargement of vessels resulting from excess fat in the body.

  • These exercises help to combat high blood pressure, and control it through sweating during the effort exerted in exercising, thus eliminating the excess salts in the body.
Boosting calorie burning

Bodybuilding contributes to enhancing the burning of calories, because during exercise, the hormone (Irisin) is secreted by the muscles, which works to convert white fat into brown fat, as the body uses white fat to store energy, while brown fat is used On the other hand, brown fat is rich in mitochondria, and this explains its brown color, and brown fat contributes to burning calories by increasing energy generation, and is more active during Cold conditions, and in general, people with high proportions of brown fat are distinguished by burning more calories compared to other people, and the reason for this is due to the increase in energy generation, and thus increased metabolism, and the individual can increase the brown fat that his body contains through exercise Intense exercise until the stored white fat is converted into brown fat

Prevention of heart disease

Bodybuilding exercises help reduce the risk of various heart diseases, and the reason for this is that it keeps the level of cholesterol low in the body, which helps to reduce the amount of fat in the body, lowering blood pressure, and thus reducing the amount of toxins and bacteria that the body contains Where, if an individual allows such toxins to accumulate in his body, it will increase his risk of developing heart disease.