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Bodybuilding for beginners


Bodybuilding for beginners

Bodybuilding for beginners

Bodybuilding course for beginners comprehensive for all body muscles

Bodybuilding course for beginners

Many athletes, especially bodybuilders, want to have a strong body and prominent muscles, as many of them are keen on so many bodybuilders are keen to practice bodybuilding exercises, there are many exercises that focus on the muscles of the legs, as well as chest muscles, and shoulder muscles , Including thigh muscles, back muscles, abdominal muscles and arms,

These structured training courses add to their large muscular bodies, and this matter may require a great effort, regardless of the methods that some people follow, whether in exercises or a healthy diet they follow, and these methods are considered one of the best safe and sound ways to get a strong body.

Bodybuilding course 

Bodybuilding exercises need attention, technique and precautions while performing; The player will not suffer any muscle injuries or lacerations; It must be performed gradually, as the exercises are divided into groups, and focus is on a specific muscle in each exercise.

Often bodybuilders and champions follow a routine, a special system and a specific schedule for these exercises, and through this article we get to know the most important exercises that depend on the five-day system that give bodies an effective result, and these exercises are:

1- Warm-up and cardio during a beginners bodybuilding course

Before starting the schedule of exercises that you want to do, you must first be psychologically and seriously prepared for those exercises that ask you to heat the muscles first, which is by warming up and cardio, which are recommended by senior bodybuilding trainers to be about 150 to 300 minutes per week through Doing aerobic exercise for healthy adults.

The player can also do some of these exercises before practicing bodybuilding exercises, as this stimulation of the muscles gives them a chance to be well prepared, which also makes the exercises more effective for the body and easier, as your body, like anything else, needs to be well prepared to help it do the most difficult. Exercising properly, you always have to do warm-up exercises, as it raises your body temperature, increases your heart rate, and helps your muscles prepare for any different exercise.

2- Legs exercises with a bodybuilding course for beginners

As for preparing for your bodybuilding exercise schedule, you can train your legs on the first day of the start of the workout week, as leg training is the most difficult ever through bodybuilding exercises, so specialized trainers prefer that you start with it, where you have energy levels It is highest on the rest of the week.

You can also start training with five sets of squats, according to the opinions of specialized bodybuilding experts, as there are many incorrect rumors that the squats or squats exercises are very bad exercises for the knee and what is behind it.

To correct these rumors, you must choose the type of squat that is appropriate for your body so that there are no complications in the exercise, and you can then do a leg exercise, and by reducing the hamstrings and raising the leg through four to six groups, with each group being about 8 to 8 20 repetitions.

3- Chest exercises for the beginners bodybuilding course
After completing the leg exercises, you have to train your chest according to the bodybuilding exercises regime, on the second day, and you must train the weight through dumbbells.

And then you move to the press machine, and then you do the cable crossovers, or you can lift dumbbells, and you can finish the chest exercises with a sieve for the weight machine, which you do either in the incline or flat position.

Many people think that it is better for them to do this exercise in a sitting position, but bodybuilding trainers recommend that sitting at the end of the exercise only because it is safer because the joints are very active which reduces the possibility of injury to the shoulder and elbow.

4- Back exercises with a bodybuilding course for beginners
After completing the chest exercises, the player must take a rest, provided that the next day he has a rest, and then he can do the back exercise.

The player raises weights as back exercises are among the best recommended exercises for building strong back muscles, and it is also recommended that the abdominal muscles be strong and tight.

The maximum for this exercise is a group of three to five repetitions, and after that you have to raise the dumbbells or rows of iron, which ends through exercises to raise body weight or what is known as barbell exercises, which is among the exercises that help your body and strengthen your muscles in a short time.