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Weight loss : Buttock augmentation at home


Weight loss : Buttock augmentation at home

How to enlarge the buttocks !!!

Without medicines or chemical interference or food that leave its traces in the body or  on the body, especially after learning to eat fenugreek in large proportions

May affect the proportion of the female hormone progesterone and citron Male ... And the female

hormone is known to increase its parameters than normal
Large proportions may later lead to many diseases, including cancer breast and my Lord hears the listener and reader .....
And its effect is delayed, as it has been proven that the fenugreek has a role in hormone secretion

Abnormally when eaten and regularly for more than three to three , Four months, more and more, as you can see ... And because the doctors did not generalize
Use it as a natural remedy ... for a period of more than six months as a treatment
Natural breast enlargement because it may cause some hormonal imbalance late in life ....

A safe way to enlarge the buttocks, a brief overview of the buttock muscle

It is a muscle that is divided from the pelvic region (the pelvic bone) through the upper back and is implanted in the area behind the thigh .. 
Therefore this exercise is effective to cover the source of the muscle and its branching on the thigh.

The method is easy, and while continuing with it, like what I mentioned, it is difficult to pass through the door ... Yes ... and the correct method must be adhered to in order to avoid complications, which are in the form of a temporary muscle strain.

We now come to the method, which is a wonderful and proven safety, and has a very effective effect on the muscles of the buttocks, strengthens the muscles of the buttocks and tightens them, and gives a terrible size and shape to the woman's body !! And a coordinated and aesthetic form of the woman's body

Buttock enlargement exercises

1 - The hands and knees must be on the ground

2 - Relax the shoulder and straighten the back so that the position of the neck is an extension of the body, without stretching the neck, and without lifting the head is vulgar.

3 - Lifting the knee alternately so that it does exercises for one side, and after completing the count, we are supposed to start exercises on the other side with the same number of mirrors.

4 - In each exercise, you must make sure to raise the knee by 90 degrees, straight with the length of the body.

The number of daily exercises :

1 - For beginners 15 times right, 15 times left

2 - For the female candidates in the exercise 30 right, 30 left

3 - For the trainees strongly .... 45 right, 45 left and of course the exercise is daily and it should not be interrupted and it should be one time in a row

The shape, size and appearance of the buttocks need a period of 1 to 3 months to reach the perfect effect.

A simple exercise in order for a taut and detailed back. This exercise can be done while you are at the desk and you are also browsing on the computer while you are walking at home and you are moving inside your room :

Squeeze the buttocks by contracting her muscles, take a deep breath, then relax and exhale by showing carbon dioxide 20 to 30 times a day.

In order to get an attractive and decked buttocks, you can initially feel some pain in the muscles of the buttocks, thigh and abdominal muscles, but it soon disappears with continuation and the pain subsides and everything is normal ..



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