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Chest muscles for beginners


Chest muscles

Exercises to build upper chest muscles

If you want to fully build and develop chest muscles, you need to work on thickening your upper chest area.

 You will need to pay a lot of attention and carefully create your own routine if you want to have massive breasts that will be impressive.

In today's article, you will learn 3 exercises to build upper chest muscles, the most prominent of which will help you is the oblique dumbbell push-up.

 The important point here is to get the correct incline and start making the most of the effort possible and targeting the upper chest muscles instead of focusing on your arms.

To begin this exercise, hold the recline high enough that the breastbone is not level with the floor.

 Lift the tape and lower it to your chin, where the elbows are wide and extended. 

Press up, but make sure to use and focus on your upper chest muscles rather than your arm muscles like the biceps and triceps.

 If you raise your shoulders, you will have a better effect because this small movement will realign your collar bones and allow you to engage more of the upper chest muscles, especially the sternocleidomastoid. 

You can practice on the chest bench with dumbbells or on the incline bench if you don't want to work on the incline bench with dumbbells.

Since the chest muscle group is the target muscle group, you should work on it at the start of the training session in your routine right after the warm-up on your shoulders. Start with a few diagonal presses.

A bar oblique chest exercise

The pectoral muscles consist of the large pectoral muscle with its sternocleidomastoid as well as cardiovascular parts.

Major muscles start at the bottom of your ribs, collar bone, and sternum, and inserts into the humerus.

On the other hand, the minor starts from the ribs, especially the third, fourth and fifth, with the introduction of the upper part of the shoulder blades. 

Designed to be restricted to the shoulder, the pectoral muscles connect the upper pectoral muscles with your arms forward and upward.

Exercises to build upper chest muscles

1- Assemble high dumbbells :

This movement is one of the basic movements for building a strong (upper) chest muscle, as the upper part of the chest muscle is the hardest and weakest for most of us, so it is best to start with it.

 You can also exchange dumbbells for a bar.

Groups: 4

Frequency: From 8 to 12 repetitions

2- Flat bar :

This exercise helps build a strong and huge chest muscle, and it is considered one of the exercises that help the body to secrete larger amounts of the hormone testosterone (male hormone).

Groups: 4

Frequency: From 8 to 12

3- A high cable on the chair

Technology and proper motor performance are the basis of this movement, and it also targets the upper part of the chest.

 Using the cable gives smooth performance and focus, but always remember that the goal is proper motor performance and not just increasing weights.

Groups: 3

Frequency: 12

4- Overflow with dumbbells

Overlays is one of the most difficult movements because it targets more than one muscle group, so you have to focus well on motor performance. 
This exercise helps stretch the chest muscle.

Groups: 4

Frequency: From 8 to 12

5- Cable Cross (Butterfly)

This exercise aims to strengthen the upper and lower chest muscles and has a good effect on enlarging the chest muscle, improving the upper part of the chest, and burning the fat in the lower chest muscles.

Groups: 3

Frequency: 12