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Weight loss : Diabetes diet


Weight loss : Diabetes diet

Diabetes diet

Diabetes is one of the diseases that has become widespread, and of course it is important to take into account what the patient eats, because there are many healthy foods for diabetics, which they should be interested in eating, and there are also foods that they must stay away from so that complications do not occur to the situation, and we are in this article We discuss how to follow a diabetic diet in detail, so stay tuned, dear reader.

Essential advice for a diabetic patient :

  • It is necessary to check the level of sugar in the blood periodically, so that the diabetic patient knows if the level of sugar is high, medium or low.
  • Exercising regularly to help activate the medication the patient is taking, as well as reduce obesity and adjust blood sugar levels. a
  • Due regular kidney checks, as diabetics are more vulnerable to kidney damage and risks.
  • Monitor blood pressure and body fat level.

The best foods for a diabetic 

The best foods for diabetics The foods that are preferred for diabetics are:

  • Fish of all kinds.
  • Green tea has many benefits.
  • The fruit contains vitamin C and the anti-oxidant carotene.
  • Olive oil is one of the best and most beneficial oils.
  • Cinnamon, onion, and nuts.

The worst foods for a diabetic

  •   Animal fats such as animal ghee, liver, butter, Arabic sweets and whole milk.
  •   Food high in sugar and honey.
  •   Salty foods such as salty cheeses, salty bread, and canned foods that are high in sodium.

Diet for diabetics:

In what follows, dear reader, we offer you a diet for diabetics that includes examples of foods that can be eaten in the three daily meals, you can coordinate these options to compose your meal, but taking into account that the meal contains sources of protein, carbohydrates and healthy unsaturated fats, and among the best options are what Follows:


  •  whole grain cereal with fruit.
  • Whole pancakes.
  •  English muffins.
  •  Eggs with vegetables such as spinach or broccoli.
  •  Low-fat milk or soy milk.
  •  Lean or low-fat yogurt with fruits or grains.
  • Avocado
  •  Nuts.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.
  •  canola oil.


  • Wholegrain sandwich or tortilla bread with slices of roasted turkey, skinless chicken breasts, light unsalted tuna, or a slice of skimmed and low-salt cheese.
  •  Hummus with wholegrain bread and vegetables.
  • Beans with lean meat with vegetables.
  •  Green salad with lettuce or avocado.


  •   Cooked grains such as brown rice, quinoa, barley, or bulgur.
  •   Whole wheat bread or tortilla.
  • Dark vegetables.
  • Various fresh fruits.
  • Grilled or stewed fish.
  • Chicken without skin or fat.
  • Skim cheese.
  • Nuts or avocados



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