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Weight loss :slim belly

slim belly 

"Belly". And the different ways to get rid of them and answer all the questions that occupy you.

Melting lower belly fat 

There are a number of factors and habits that you prefer from the following list:

1- Exercise

Exercise helps burn accumulated fats effectively and raises the basic metabolic rate that helps burn more calories. So, do not forget the exercises and sports movements for tightening the tummy tuck and getting rid of the accumulated fat around the abdomen.

Drinking hot water on a daily basis for two whole months helps dissolve the accumulated fat around the abdomen. Hot water helps remove high calories. Therefore, you should drink a cup of hot water daily immediately upon waking up from sleep, and be sure to add lemon juice to it to help speed up the burning process.

3- Eat vegetables and fruits

In order to get rid of the problem of accumulation of fat around the stomach area, you must eat more vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. Vegetables and fruits help to lose belly fat, and lose excess weight accumulated in the abdominal area, because they contain a high percentage of key vitamins and minerals for improving the burning process. Fruits and vegetables rich in dietary fiber contribute to the elimination of fats, toxins and body contouring.

Abdominal fat disposal program

Getting rid of belly fat requires a daily program that is mandatory for you throughout your life, even after getting rid of it so that the fat does not return to you again, and therefore you must follow the following steps to lose the rumen:
  • Breakfast: The most important meal of the day and you should never skip breakfast if you are trying to lose weight and get rid of the rumen. Studies have shown that eating breakfast within an hour of waking up maintains constant levels of the hormone insulin and reduces the level of cholesterol.
  • Make sure to eat foods that contain whole grains, for example, replace white rice with brown rice, eat baked goods that contain whole wheat grains, and eat popcorn (it is whole grains) and fiber (found in vegetables and fruits).
  • Maintain plenty of water throughout the day to improve metabolism and flush out toxins
  • Make sure to eat adequate amounts of vitamin C, which counteracts the increase in cortisol that occurs when the body is under great stress, and is also necessary to form carnitine, which burns fat for energy, so keep on eating oranges, lemons, lemons, green peppers and kiwis.
Ways to remove the rumen in a week

Perhaps the most popular way to get rid of the belly fat in a week is that some people who want easy and quick solutions to get rid of belly fat permanently around the stomach follow a diet that includes eating only one type of fruit throughout the day, which reduces belly fat for a week, and among these magical fruits:
1- Grapefruit:

 An effective fruit that helps burn fat and feel full, because it contains fiber that lasts for a long time until it is digested, which reduces the feeling of hunger.

2- Apples: One of the fruits that make you feel full because it contains a large amount of water and fiber, as it takes a long time to digest, which works to burn fat and reduces calories.

Mix 3 tablespoons of ground ginger powder with two tablespoons of rose water and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and put it in an airtight container and use it as a cream for topical slimming and tightening of the wrinkles.


It is one of the best herbs that help with burning, as it has good antioxidants that prevent infections. It is prepared by placing half a spoon on a cup of boiling water. White honey can be added twice a day before breakfast and after dinner.

Peppermint has proven effective in eliminating stomach gases and regulating bowel movement excellently. It also helps dissolve accumulated fats and can be sweetened with white honey.

Green tea

It helps in losing weight significantly and contains antioxidants that help prevent bacterial infections. It can also be sweetened with honey to benefit from the benefits of honey as well.


It is considered one of the beneficial herbs for pressure, sugar and slimming, and it has a great role in regulating hormones for the female who suffers from an imbalance.


The miracle herb in many areas of health, it helps to improve the metabolism, a process that helps stimulate energy in the body, as it helps to stimulate memory.