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Weight loss : Loss of 12 kilos in a week


Loss of 12 kilos in a week

Always wondering how can you lose 12 kilo of weight per week, to fit my wedding dress? There are many upcoming occasions when you need to lose weight, such as concerts, weddings, or even sadness. 

Women in parties generally look to wear their best so that the perfect clothes that make them look great, but you may have gained a little weight and need two things, either shopping for a new dress again or following the following tips that help in losing 12 kilos in a week . 

And all you need in the second option is to stick to the diet plan, because when you do not stick to the plan it leads to harmful side effects, the simplest example is when you follow a wrong diet during the week, you will find that the signs of age appeared on your face.

Follow these steps to get a good result:

1 - Change your lifestyle:

You should know in the beginning, the strength of the drive behind losing 12 kilos in a week, because losing a lot of weight quickly is unhealthy. 

There are correct methods when losing weight with a balanced diet and exercising regularly to maintain a stable weight, and this helps you in Maintaining weight for as long as possible. Here are some warnings and tips that will help you lose 12 KG in a week.

In order to lose 12 kilos of weight per week, you will have to reduce or stop your carbohydrate intake completely. 

This is because carbohydrates contain the maximum amount of calories, while you should eat a balanced meal that contains few carbohydrates and thus be a healthy meal.

 You can gain this habit by eating lean meat, vegetables and fruits, thus helping you lose 12 kilos per week.

Most nutritionists assure that you can lose 12 kilos per week. When you get enough rest, it is an integral part of the weight loss process. And if you are trying to lose more weight, you will need to sleep between 8 to 10 hours.

 The more comfortable you feel, the faster you will lose weight.
When you wake up in the morning you should drink 2 cups of cold water before going out anywhere. In addition to the exit to walk about 15 minutes on foot. 

And the first thing you should avoid in the morning is drinking a cup of coffee because it leads to water retention and bloating. You can drink green tea or natural juices if your body has the most beneficial elements for it.

Drink ice water throughout the day for a whole week. Cold water helps you get calories faster.

 Because the body needs to use calories to heat the water.

Here is a 7-day plan to lose 12 KG:

Day 1, eat fruits only:

It is allowed to eat all kinds of fruits except bananas.

It is preferable to eat apples, melons and all citrus fruits.
And you can eat as much as you want.

It is preferable to eat fresh fruit, not canned.

Day two, eat vegetables only:

You can only eat raw or boiled vegetables.

 Add a little salt, black pepper, milk, oil or butter while preparing these vegetables.

Day three, eat fruits and vegetables:

It is allowed to eat fruits and vegetables on this day. 
And you should not use oil, butter, cheese or milk while preparing vegetables.

 It is only allowed to eat raw or boiled vegetables. 
It is forbidden not to eat sweet potatoes and bananas. 
You can have a snack with the addition of celery sticks between meals.

Day 4, banana and milk:

Eat approximately 8 bananas with 3 cups of skim milk. In addition to 1 bowl of vegetable soup throughout the day.

Vegetable soup, which consists of onions, green peppers, cabbage, lettuce and chopped celery with carrots and a little salt and pepper and leave it to boil for 5 minutes.

Fifth day, add brown rice:

You can eat a mixture of fruits and vegetables and a small cup of boiled brown rice.

 Eat a cup of boiled brown rice with 6 tomatoes, 1 apple to make a salad, 1/2 cup of skim milk, 1 orange and 1 grapefruit, throughout the day.

The sixth day, the vegetable and rice day:

You should not use oil, butter, cream or cheese while preparing vegetables. You can also eat more vegetable salad and vegetable soup throughout the day, but with the addition of 1 small cup of boiled brown rice.

The seventh day, rice, vegetables and fruit juice:

You can eat a lot of vegetable salad or vegetable soup with 1 cup of boiled brown rice and fresh fruit juice (preferably grapefruit or orange)