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Weight loss : Save your body with vegetables and fruits


Save your body with vegetables and fruits

banana benifits:

One of the many benefits of bananas is that they are used to fight intestinal disorders, including ulcers, and they are the only safe fruit prescribed to patients with ulcers. Bananas neutralize the acidity of the gastric juice, so the irritation of the ulcers is reduced by wrapping the stomach lining. The effectiveness of the banana fruit does not reduce the pain of stomach ulcers or intestinal disorders, but rather it helps to treat them.

Another benefit of bananas is that it helps in the treatment of burns and wounds, by crushing a ripe banana and spreading it to the site of the burn or wound to relieve the pain immediately.
  • Banana leaves are also used as a kind of cold compress for burns and wounds.
  • Other benefits of bananas:
  • Help in treating constipation 
  • Treating arthritis.
  • Treatment of anemia.
  • Bananas do not contain fat, sodium or cholesterol.
apples benefits:

There is an old saying about apples that says the following: "If you eat apples before you sleep ... the doctor will not find work for you".

Benefits of oats:

It is a type of grain and is considered a nerve sedative, and oats are one of the best sources that can be obtained from it.

Benefits of red onions:

It is common to use red onions in cooking, as it makes the body warmer and stimulates blood circulation.

benifits of Honey:

Honey is considered one of the only nutrients that contain materials necessary for the continuation of human life, and it was a medical treatment in ancient Egypt.

Benefits of turmeric:

Turmeric belongs to the ginger family, and it has a sacred place in "Ayurvedic medicine", as practitioners of this medicine believe that turmeric is a purifying substance for all organs of the body. And so, far from its uses.

Avocado Benefits:

Avocados are considered a complete diet, so many mothers prefer weaning.

Benefits of cabbage:

Cabbage is a popular vegetable that is used for cooking, and is also known for its medicinal properties.

Benefits of vinegar:

The benefits of vinegar are not limited to the delicious taste that it gives to food when it is added, especially to salads, vegetables or French potatoes.

Lemon benefits:

Lemon is one of the fruits and has properties that cleanse the stomach from any infection. Lemon strengthens the immune system in a body.

Pineapple Benefits:

If a person longs to eat a piece of chocolate or eat sugar in general, then the pineapple fruit will fulfill this purpose. Besides that the pineapple fruit is a food that has a delicious taste, so it has health benefits.

Benefits of celery:

According to Hippocrates, the godfather of medicine, celery calms nerves, because it contains a high percentage of calcium. Celery is good for the kidneys, and it helps the body eliminate waste products through the urine.

Benefits of corn:

Vitamin (B1) thiamine, which the body uses for carbohydrate metabolism .. What is metabolism?

Benefits of carrots:

One carrot provides you with all the vitamin A you need daily, and it is also effective in protecting the skin from UV rays .

Benefits of cucumber:

Cucumber is one of the types of fruits and not vegetables, as some believe. Cucumber helps reduce infections .. It can be eaten fresh or in many forms.
Benefits of yogurt:

Yogurt can be a light meal .. or breakfast that has a slight taste on the stomach