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Weight loss :Stretch the buttock muscles and burn fat


Weight loss :Stretch the buttock muscles and burn fat

Stretch the buttock muscles and burn fat

 One of the main causes that contribute to the accumulation of fat in the buttocks is :

Malnutrition practices:

Eating unhealthy and fast foods and meals leads to an increase in calories entering the body, which is above its need, which causes the male hormone testosterone to turn into the female hormone estrogen, and anxiety and stress increases the female hormone for women, and these hormones are able to increase the weight in the buttocks area. Sitting for long periods of time with little physical activity.

The solution is :

•Good and healthy nutrition:

Breakfast should not be overlooked and a balanced diet should be followed, as some believe that depriving the body of food will help in losing weight and fat, unaware of the danger of deprivation on the body and that it is the direct cause of the appearance of rumen, and it is necessary to eat food and plant foods and stay away from foods that are rich in calories . 

Continuing to drink water: 

Supplying the body with its need of water removes the accumulated toxins, gives it the necessary hydration, reduces food intake, and reduces the need to drink soft drinks rich in sugar and acids, the individual's need for water is estimated at 8-10 cups per day .

Avoid consuming soft drinks: 

It is not sufficient to follow a diet to reduce the fat of the buttocks, but some exercises must be done that help burn fat faster, and maintain the appearance and fitness of the body, and there are some special exercises for that, including the following:
Squat exercise
Go to gyms
Stair climbing exercise



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