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Weight loss : Water diet 2021




Water diet

 is one of the methods that many follow to get rid of excess weight, and among the various methods spread to lose weight, but with increased awareness, the first goal of people has become to get rid of excess weight in a way that preserves the health of the body and the health of the internal organs, and this will only be done by following a diet that contains On foods that provide the body with all the nutrients that provide the body with what it needs and is not negatively affected by the weight loss process.

Water is a great benefit for the body as the human body contains 60% water, and water has great importance and a great role in the work of the internal organs of the human body, and these benefits are as follows:

  • Water increases the efficiency of the body in producing collagen, which works to make the skin more fresh and healthy.

  • Maintaining adequate water intake during the day, protects the body from constipation and high pressure, and it also reduces the possibility of arthritis as water adds to the joints, tissues and spinal cord the softness necessary to work well.

  • Drinking water maintains oral health, as water is one of the main components that make up saliva, enzymes, mucus and others, which helps to digest and break down food more effectively and faster.

  • It works effectively to get rid of excess weight by increasing the effectiveness of the body in burning calories, but it will not work alone, but be sure to eat foods rich in fluid and fiber, such as fruits and vegetables.

  • Drinking enough water helps maintain a balanced fluid content inside the human body, which improves absorption and improves blood circulation inside the body.

  • Drinking water maintains the health of the kidneys, as it improves the process of dissolving and breaking down nutrients, in addition to expelling toxins and waste from the body in the form of urine, which works to clean the kidneys, which leads to protecting the body from kidney stones, infection with other kidney diseases, and urinary tract infections.

Water diet

Many experiences have proven that the water diet relieves you of excess weight in 10 days, at a rate of 5: 10 kilograms.
There are some conditions that must be followed to reach the desired result from the diet, namely:
  • In the morning, take two to four cups of water on an empty stomach.

  • Not to eat breakfast until half an hour after drinking water.

  • Maintaining the full intake of the three meals, taking care not to overeat, and making sure to eat a balanced food free of any fat.

  • Take care not to eat any food between each meal.

  • In the event that you want to eat more water, take care that that is half an hour before eating

  • Stay away from food that is high in calories.

  • In the event that the prescribed amount of water is not consumed on one day, be careful to drink it the next day.

Water diet method only

One of the proven water diet methods is this system that will be presented during the next lines of the article, which can, by following the water diet only for a week, lose weight and get rid of accumulated fat significantly.

1 - Water should be drunk every two hours, taking care to be gradual.

2- Make sure to drink water during the day, so that water is drunk upon waking up, and you should keep drinking an amount of water every hour.

3- Make sure to drink one or two cups of water 30 minutes before eating.

4- Drink water in the form of juices that provide the body with the nutrients necessary for a healthy body.

5- Sweetened water can be drunk with a small amount of salt, as this is very useful in getting rid of excess weight and maintaining blood pressure.

6- Warm or hot water should be used, as this will lose a large amount of fat at a faster rate, in addition to that warm water is a great benefit in reducing the appearance of cellulite

7- Introducing herbs and drinking beneficial herbal drinks, which work to flush out toxins from the body, in addition to losing weight and burning fats.

8- Adding lemon juice to the water with the possibility of adding white honey as it works to diet water and lemon to lose 4 kilos in a week without a diet.