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Weight loss :Weight loss on both sides


Weight loss :Weight loss on both sides

Weight loss on both sides

Almost all girls suffer from subcutaneous fat on the sides and abdomen. It is very difficult to get rid of this problem. But if you correctly control all doubts and get rid of them, then you can still achieve a certain result.

How to lose weight on both sides

To do this, you can use a variety of methods. In order to achieve a certain result in this case, special attention should be paid to the muscles of the hips and pressure on the abdomen. There are a lot of different exercises for these groups.

 Helpful to know that answering the question of how to lose weight in the sides and stomach, even a collar can help. 

But it is better if it adapts to other exercises. This should be done at least one hour per day.

We will give examples of several exercises with which subcutaneous fat on the sides and abdomen will remain only in terrible dreams.

 One of the most effective problem solving assistants is the fitball. So, how do you lose weight in sides with a gym ball?

Pelvic movement

In this case, the oblique muscles will participate in the abdominal press and the thigh muscles. You need to sit on sports equipment, and keep your back straight. Shoulders should be taken back slightly and lowered. The legs should not be torn from the ground. Then you need to start the fitball roll with the quadriceps on the sides. The object itself must remain in this state.

Legs height

It is necessary to lie on the volleyball on the right side. 

The floor must be supported with the right hand. 

The legs should be completely straight. 

Then you must start raising your left foot.

 After doing sixteen repetitions, the same thing should be repeated with the right foot.

Side weight loss can be without using special balls. For this you need to do the following exercises:


With loads in hand, you should start tilting first to the left, then to the right. In this case, if you are leaning to the left, then you need to raise your right hand. 

Body movement

It is important to stand up straight, place your hands on your waist or raise them in front of you. Then start moving the case in different directions. In this case, the feet must remain steady.


It is necessary to lie on a flat surface, raise your legs, bend over them while kneeling, and begin to move in such a way that they creep into place. At this time, the hands should be behind the head.


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