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Weight loss : African diet for fast weight loss


Weight loss : African diet for fast weight loss

African diet for fast weight loss

According to an international study on nutrition, the inhabitants of the African continent have the best diet in the world, despite the problems of malnutrition and lack of nutrition that exist in different parts of the continent.

Chadians come first, thanks to their heavy consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains, according to a recent study in the American scientific journal "The Lancet Global Health".

The study also classified Sierra Leone, Mali, Gambia, Uganda, Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal and Somalia (in addition to Israel) among the 10 countries with the best diet in the world, while the Belgian, Armenian and Hungarian are classified under the "worst" consumer in the world.

In general, the nutritional habits of northern and western countries are particularly harmful to health, due to fast food, according to the study published on the magazine's website.

The same source pointed out that the researchers concluded that the elderly adopt a better diet than the youth, and women are better than men, according to Dr. "Fomiaki Imamura", author of the study on the nutritional habits of 4.5 billion people, equivalent to 90% of the world's population, in 197 Country, between 1990 and 2010.

Imamura pointed out that improving dietary methods has a pivotal role in preventing and addressing non-communicable diseases, which are expected to be responsible for 75% of deaths by 2020.

So what is the African diet in detail?

1-Nuts: 50 grams per day.

2- Beans, lentils and other legumes: 75 grams.

3- Fish: 28 grams.

4- Eggs: 13 grams.

5- Meat: 14 grams for red meat, and 29 grams for chicken.

6- Carbohydrates: 232 grams for grains such as bread and rice, and 50 grams for starchy vegetables.

7- Milk: 250 grams, or the equivalent of a cup of milk.

8- Vegetables: 300 grams, fruits 200 grams.

The diet also holds 31 grams of sugar and about 50 grams of oils such as olive oil.

Make sure to eat all kinds of fruits throughout the day in any quantity and at any time, except for dates, figs and bananas, but you should stay away from the types that cause you any damage to the body or any kind of painful allergies.

Eat any type of chicken, in any way, or in any quantity, during the day, but stay away from fried with oil or ghee, and it is forbidden to eat any carbohydrates from bread or bread completely.

Eat any amount of meat in any way or any amount during your day, but stay away from lamb and fat, and stay away from starches, whether rice, bread or pasta.

Choose any types of vegetables, whether cooked or raw, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and lettuce, and you can eat the salad on any of those days alongside the meal.



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