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Weight loss :Causes of sagging breasts


Weight loss :Causes of sagging breasts

Causes of sagging breasts

Although breastfeeding is usually the first to blame when talking about sagging breasts, but this matter may not be completely correct. What are the causes of sagging breasts? Are there ways to protect?

Although some may blame breastfeeding or changes in the breasts during the motherhood journey, some mothers do indeed suffer from sagging breasts, while others do not suffer from it, so what happens here?

Causes of sagging breasts

These are the main reasons that increase your chances of developing sagging breasts:

1- The number of pregnancies

The more times a mother gives birth to children, the greater the chances of her developing sagging breasts, whether the mother resorts to breastfeeding her children or not.
The breasts get bigger during pregnancy, and they try to return to their normal size after birth and after weaning the baby when the milk dries up in them.

2- The size and shape of the breast before pregnancy

In general, breasts that were smaller and more rounded than the bottom in nature before pregnancy tend to maintain their shape and size better than large breasts during pregnancy and after childbirth.

3- The amount of weight gained during pregnancy

The amount of weight gained during pregnancy varies from one woman to another, but if a woman gains a lot of weight and excessively during her pregnancy, this increases the chances of her experiencing sagging breasts.

4- Smoking

Smoking generally causes the skin to lose its natural elasticity over time, which makes women smokers more susceptible to breast sagging than non-smokers, as the skin faces difficulty in returning to its normal state after stretching.

5- Genetics and genetics

Genetics play an important role from the beginning in breast sagging, as genetics often determines the shape and size of the breasts, and genetics also plays an important role in determining the strength of the breasts' ligaments and the body weight as well.

6- Age

Sagging breasts is a normal thing for women in general with age, but this does not prevent it from happening in some women early.

Ways to protect against sagging breasts

Due to the presence of many factors that play a role in the occurrence of sagging breasts, stopping sagging before it occurs may be difficult, but this does not prevent the presence of steps that may help delay the occurrence of sagging, and these are the most important:

  • Maintaining weight and fitness, and avoiding excessive weight gain.
  • Do not neglect to regularly apply a suitable moisturizer to your breasts.
  • After giving birth, try to follow methods that enable you to gradually lose pregnancy weight, as rapid weight loss will hurt you.
  • Quit smoking completely because it is harmful to the skin and harmful to your child as well!.
  • Wear a supportive bra, especially if the breasts are large.

Myths about sagging breasts

Here is a group of myths that you may have thought about breast sagging, but in reality they are nothing more than myths:

1- Breastfeeding by itself causes sagging breasts

In fact, what causes sagging are the changes that the breasts undergo during pregnancy and in the postpartum period. Even if a woman decides not to breastfeed her baby, the enlargement of the breasts as a result of milk production in them and then their return to normal size plays a role in the incidence of sagging breasts.

2- Wearing a supportive bra prevents sagging

In fact, there is no study until today that has proven that wearing a specific type of supportive bras completely prevents sagging breasts.

3- There are exercises that prevent sagging

The breast does not contain muscles, which makes it generally not affected by any type of exercise, so there is no clear exercise that may increase breast strength and prevent sagging directly.

But there are certain muscles in the chest that exercise may help to provide better support for the breasts, albeit in a limited and indirect way.

4- Small breasts do not sag

Small and large breasts are susceptible to gravity, and therefore they are subject to sagging of all kinds, shapes and sizes, and although small breasts have less chances of sagging, this does not make them completely immune to sagging.