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Weight loss : Stop Losing body weight after 4-6 weeks of dieting


Weight loss : Stop Losing body weight after 4-6 weeks of dieting

Stop Losing body weight after 4-6 weeks of dieting

Complains most people stop weighing down after a month of their followers diet special weight loss and lead to frustration when 95% of the persons who exercise about diet while trying to lose weight but they surrender and turn a blind eye on the process of weight loss entirely without realizing that This phenomenon is one of the natural stages that Amrabha body during the process of change in the weight of the actual weight to the desired weight and claim this phenomenon.

 Phenomenon stability weight weight loss plateau known as the phase stability or stop the descent that Amrabha body weight after 4 - 6 weeks of follow a special diet to lose weight and prove the balance on a single reading for several weeks. I will speak in this article about this phenomenon How does it happen? Causes. And how to get rid of them and restore the descent of the weight of the new.

• How did the phenomenon of stability: 

When we lose weight we are Anfkd fat only, but a mixture of body fat and muscle mass, liquids and information obtained from tests conducted on people who follow a diet especially weight loss proved that the loss-winning give rise to 75% fat 25% muscle tissue Moreover, the bulk of these percentage is water, which constitutes 70% of total body weight and 75% of the weight of muscle tissue and 50% of the weight of the fatty tissue. 

what happens  during the first weeks of dieting to lose weight down body weight significantly and lose the person several kilograms and this is normal because when less caloric intake from food, the body compensates for the lack of energy stores in the body in stages:

- The first store Hoalgelokoz in the blood:

This stock is considered as instant energy cash energy

- The second stored glycogen in the liver and muscles
After the first source of energy, the body starts using the second stored which glycogen in the liver and muscles and contains glycogen large amounts of water because when he burns glycogen to produce energy liberated large quantities of water and estimated the amount of water liberated from burning one gram of glycogen four grams of water Thus, the most weight lost at this stage give rise to water

- Third store is fat stored in the fatty tissue:

When exhausted body stock of glycogen, it starts using the stored third fat for energy production and unlike glycogen to not contain fat on large amounts of water in addition to contain per gram of fat more than twice the energy stored per gram of glycogen any it produces more energy almost twice when burning The result is that weight loss begins less weight may depend disembark and stability phenomenon is occurring

Weight loss plateau

And you should know that at this stage the rate of weight loss is recommended 2 pounds per week and weight loss rate Cbrmn it means that part of the body mass muscle lean muscle mass began decompose for use in energy, which like glycogen contain a large amount of water and this is undesirable it. It is worth mentioning that it can induce the body to change the energy used by stores by controlling the quality, intensity and time of exercise carried out by the person

• the causes of the stability of weight:

1) - the quality of fuel used (glucose - glycogen - fat) and the amount of energy and water that result from burning affect the weight lost.

2) - Individual factors (quality diet - lifestyle - the pressure on the individual level - rate Almitapolzim)

3) - the body's need to break in order to be able to cope with new diet.

4) - the lack of balance calorie intake with outgoing.

5) - The human body is designed to keep the components in order to keep alive and when you use low calorie diet  programming itself on the body that is exposed to the famine and takes Aqrarbabtae Almitapolzim in order to rationalize the use of energy.

6) - Some studies attribute this phenomenon to the lack of the hormone leptin hormone leptin, which is secreted by fat cells and Hohrmon inhibitor of appetite appetite-suppression.

7) - the process of weight loss leads to the decrease of Almitapolzim addition to low levels of energy for the body small compared body mass former which means lower amount of energy needed for daily activity PA and energy representation baseband BMR and energy act Dynamic Food SDA and therefore must the body of a acclimated to restore the balance of power.

• How do we recover the descent of the weight of the new:

First: see your athletic program:

1) - Train for an additional period because it leads to raise Almitapolzim rate and burn more calories if you rehearse for 20 minutes / day lift it to 25 - 30 minutes / day

2) - muscle during exercise, try to reduce the loss of muscle mass because that slows rate Almitapolzim and spoil the process of weight loss

3) - increase the intensity of the performance of exercise to burn more calories, but without stress

4) - Perform exercise according to the work of the heart of your training heart rate zone and reflect the seve