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What is carnivore diet ?

What is carnivore diet

The Carnivore Diet is a diet of meat and foods free of carbohydrates and high protein

Carnivore Diet: This diet is a protein, fat, and carbohydrate-based diet and the Carnivore Diet contains high-protein foods.

What is carnivore diet?

Carnivore Diet is a diet that follows the low carbohydrate Lucarb diets, except that this diet is considered almost zero carb

Carbohydrates completely, and depends on eating protein and meat completely without eating vegetables of any kind and is limited to meat of all

Their types are poultry, fish, animal fats and animal fats, such as butter and animal fat.

The Carnivore diet is considered a high-fat and high-protein diet, and the percentage of fat and animal protein in it is in excess amounts and this increase is considered normal.

There is no specific type of meal. The issue is simpler than determining which meals should be eaten. Some foods are permitted and prohibited foods in the Carnivore diet.

The most important conditions for applying carnivore

What you must know before applying this strict system, that you need to consult a specialist to follow up your case, this system has proven successful in

Many stories, but it is not so easy as the keto diet, as it needs accounts and professionalism in calculating foods, minerals and vitamins,

But this does not prevent you from doing research and knowing everything that is going on about this system with all its secrets and being a doctor for yourself in educational matters, and do not forget that this

The regimen cannot be started like any other diet.An alarm is required before starting.

Eating meat and following a diet such as the carnivore or keto diet depends on meat in its diet, and completely blocks carbohydrates.

Which, in turn, helps the body adapt to a diet full of meat and fat and free of carbohydrates, even if it is green leafy or otherwise, this diet is completely different from the keto diet.

The difference between carnivore and keto diet

The ketogenic diet relies on fats as an alternative source of energy, protein and carbohydrates as much as 5% only, and they must be vegetables and most of them

Leafy green vegetables to get vitamins, minerals and the right balance to stay away from keto or keto symptoms and to continue regularly

It is true, as for the Carnivore Diet, it completely prohibits all kinds of vegetables, whatever they are, without exception and depends only on animal protein and fats without eating any type of vegetables.

The carnivore diet relies heavily on red cattle meat, white poultry meat, and all kinds of meat such as poultry and poultry.

And meat from sheep, goats, or cows, any type of meat, but it is preferable to know the source of this meat that you eat, and the meat is of source

It is good for the livestock or poultry to be fed in a correct way, which affects the quality of the meat and the vitamins and minerals inside these meats.

The keto diet has a wide scope compared to the Carnivore Fa, the keto diet is somewhat dependent on some foods that contain high carbohydrates

Fibers, which in the keto diet, the proportion of carbohydrates to approximately 20 grams of carbohydrates, which in turn keeps the body in a state of separation

Ketone bodies and the body continue to use fats as an alternative energy source.

As for the foods in the Carnivore diet, they are based on meat only and have 0% carbohydrates.

Eggs are among the most common foods that the Carnivore Diet has in common with the Keto Diet and all other diets that it prepares from

Nutrition systems that rely on healthy fats in nutrition, eggs play an important role in eliminating the trouble of choosing breakfast, and eggs contain many minerals.

Allowed foods in the carnivore diet

Animal meats and their sources

All animal foods are allowed in the carnivore diet, such as meat, beef, lamb, veal, buffalo meat, camel meat and even their internal gut such as liver, spleen, lamb kidney, camel lamb, the brain and all its guts, and these foods are available in all countries of the world.

Canifor followers can drink a cup of boiled bone syrup daily, as it helps you feel full, has a good protein content, and helps you with a system to lose weight

Poultry and its main sources

All types of birds and poultry, such as chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, even if they are not from poultry, and also eat the guts of poultry such as liver and gizzards.


All types of fish are allowed to be eaten thanks to eating them, while canned fish such as sardines and tuna should be avoided, but tuna soaked in water is allowed, not in oil.

It is recommended to eat salmon because it contains protein and fats and is also rich in omega-3 and is recommended in this diet, keto diet and other systems.

Foods forbidden in carnivore

Fruit vegetables

All kinds of vegetables and fruits are completely prohibited, and these differences exist in this diet and differ from keto

Keto depends on some vegetables such as zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, curly cabbage and a lot of vegetables, but in carnivore you cannot eat vegetables.

Even fruits are prohibited in the carnivore, because they contain very high carbohydrates and sugar, and they are all banned, even avocados.

The reason for preventing vegetables and fruits on low-carb diets is because they contain a large proportion of carbohydrates, and the carnivore diet should include large amounts of animal foods, while on keto you can eat some types of foods that contain carbohydrates, or some fruits.


All types of starches are prohibited, such as bread, sugar, chocolate, barley, oats, flour, pastries and other starches, as they are completely prohibited.

The carnivore, like the ketogenic diet and the ketosis system, is a low-carbohydrate system that completely prevents starches, carbohydrate-containing foods, and the keto diet does not prevent carbohydrates, but there is a certain percentage for it.