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5 things to help lose weight in 2021

5 things to help lose weight in 2021

 5 things to help lose weight in 2021

The "diet" is a headache in the head of many of us in an attempt to lose weight for several reasons, the most important of which is maintaining health in general and appearing in good shape, and with the beginning of the new year 2021, Dr. Roger Henderson, chief general practitioner and medical director in Britain, gives an easy "prescription" for people who want to lose weight In a healthy way.

Dr. Henderson said to the English newspaper "Daily Express", that it is known that the task of losing weight requires determination and willpower, noting that there are things that help besides that to get rid of extra weight.

what is the 5 things  help lose weight in 2021 ?

Getting rid of excess weight with the beginning of the new year 2021:

1- The habits and behaviors that led to weight gain, which each person identifies, must be considered because it may be due to fast food, so it must be reduced.

2- Dr. Henderson warned against following diets that work to lose weight in a fast way, explaining that these systems do not give long-term results and it will be difficult to maintain the lost weight, and most importantly, build healthy habits consistently.

3- Exercising is not a necessity to lose weight, but it helps burn calories, as Dr. Henderson explained, noting the importance of eating fewer calories than what the body burns, and adding that exercise has many other benefits as it reduces the risk of heart disease and regulates sugar levels. With blood.

4- Drinking water helps in losing weight, but it is not a major factor in that, as Dr. Henderson stressed the importance of drinking water frequently, as it helps reduce calories and is generally beneficial to health.

5- Sleeping well at night helps in losing weight and maintaining it. It is also very useful for avoiding the risk of high blood pressure and sugar, but not "napping" as some claim.



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