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7 foods that cause obesity, avoid them before sleep


7 foods that cause obesity, avoid them before sleep

7 foods that cause obesity, avoid them before sleep

It tempts us to eat before bedtime, especially after a long day, while relaxing and watching TV at night, and nutritionists have advised to avoid eating some types of foods in the evening because they contain large amounts of carbohydrates and protein that may cause a significant increase in weight, and many problems and disturbances in sleep and heartburn In the stomach, what are the foods that you must abstain from eating before bed to avoid obesity?

7 healthy foods that are tricky and gain weight

Many people strive to lose weight by eating healthy foods and exercising, and yet they do not lose weight. The reason is the food they eat. Although it is known to be healthy, it also leads to weight gain.

In Germany, about 67 percent of men suffer from obesity, while the percentage of obesity among women is about 53 percent. Although many people try to lose weight by eating healthy foods, but to no avail, not all healthy foods reduce obesity and reduce weight, as some believe, there are many healthy foods that cause obesity, among these healthy foods:

1. Fish: Fish are known to be healthy and have low fat content. However, there are some types of fish that have more than 15 percent fat, such as tuna. Experts recommend eating grilled shrimp, according to the German website "Netmoms".

2. Salad: It is known that eating salad is healthy and does not lead to weight gain, but nutritionists warn against using ready-made sauces and recommend the use of natural salad flavors such as mint, cumin, lemon and oil.

3. Low-fat products and sugar substitutes: Some believe that eating low-fat products does not lead to obesity, which sometimes leads them to eat twice the usual amount, which means obtaining the same amount of calories that we get by eating full-fat products.

4. Nuts: Nuts help lower cholesterol and protect the heart, but they consist of a high amount of monounsaturated fats that are beneficial for health. Nutritionists advise eating them in moderation, not exceeding one handful per day.

5. Juices: Eating juices is healthy, but there are many juices that contain high amounts of calories that are not less than the calories in cola, for example, and milk is also considered a nutritious drink, but it contains a high amount of fat, so Experts recommend eating low-fat milk.

6. Foods not taken into consideration: It is well known that foods such as French fries, butter, cakes, eggs, biscuits and chocolate contain a high amount of fat. However, there are some foods that were not taken into consideration that also hide a huge amount of fat, according to the German website "NetDoctor" concerned with healthy nutrition, and among these foods are pastries and some milk products such as ice cream and some types of cream soups.

7. White rice: It does not contain fibers, which leads to feeling full quickly, so that we will return and feel hungry after a short period and eat more, so experts advise using brown rice because it contains fibers that help you feel full for a long time.