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Cinnamon and honey diet for weight loss


Cinnamon and honey diet for weight loss

Cinnamon and honey diet for weight loss

The cinnamon and honey diet has recently spread, and many people know it because it has proven effective with many in getting rid of excess weight, as this diet is considered one of the best natural ways that can be used to do a healthy and beneficial diet for the body, and this diet helps to lose about three Kilograms per week, by consuming the prescription only twice daily.

How to make cinnamon and honey for weight loss:

This recipe is easy to make at home and then stored in the refrigerator for eating at any time, and a person can use many different types and flavors of honey, as well as with cinnamon, so that its taste is acceptable and its flavor is good.

The ingredients for this recipe consist of a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon, and a cup of boiling water is added to the cinnamon and left soaked in water for half an hour, and when the water cools, the honey is added.

How to use the cinnamon diet with honey:

After completing the recipe of cinnamon with honey, half of the mixture is taken at night before bed, then the rest of the recipe is left in the fridge and upon waking up, the rest of it is drunk before eating breakfast, as this matter has an effective effect on the body.

The person must regularly drink this recipe, as it is necessary to stick to drinking it immediately before bedtime and immediately after waking up, and it must also be taken into account that both honey and cinnamon mix well with each other in water.

Important information about cinnamon and honey for weight loss:

- Specialists believe that care must be taken to add raw honey after the water has cooled down and not during boiling, so that the honey retains its nutritional benefits and does not lose it.

It is assumed that when a person follows this recipe, he will lose at least 1.5 to 2.5 kg during the first week, without following any specific diet.

The types of cinnamon available in the market are different, there are liquid cinnamon, cassia cinnamon and Indonesian cinnamon, and cassia cinnamon is different from the rest of the types, so it may give different results, so be careful to avoid using large doses for a long time.

The effect of cinnamon and honey recipe on the body:

The cinnamon and honey recipe helps to lose weight within a short period of time, as it is considered one of the most effective methods for this.

This recipe helps prevent the accumulation of fats in the body even if the person eats meals that contain a lot of calories.

The cinnamon and honey recipe is a body cleanser for its role in cleaning and cleansing the digestive system and eliminating the bacteria and fungi in it.

The cinnamon honey recipe provides the body with a large amount of energy, as it contributes to a feeling of psychological comfort and improves mood.

This recipe contributes to lowering cholesterol and affecting blood sugar levels, which means protecting the body from various heart diseases.

Important tips besides cinnamon and honey for weight loss:

It should be noted that despite the effectiveness of this recipe and the extent of its effect on the body and rapid weight loss, it is not the only solution as it should not be relied upon completely, as it is not suitable to be followed for a long term, according to the studies of researchers.

A healthy diet should be followed along with this recipe in order to enhance the process of losing weight, and it is preferable to exercise that contributes to weight loss, as well as taking into account avoiding eating fast food rich in calories.