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How to grow muscles or how to supply muscles


How to grow muscles or how to supply muscles

The 3 most essential elements for muscle growth

 Muscles give us many benefits that help us with our daily life tasks, in addition to making us stronger and enduring, as well as boosting health and immunity.
In addition to the wonderful shape that it gives to the body, it also gives you high confidence in yourself, which will enable you to achieve many successes in your life and your goals.

The most important 3 basic elements of muscle growth have no alternative nor a fourth.

1. nutrition.

 2. Muscle resistance.

 3. Sleep.


1. Nutrition is that you compensate for your body needs after the effort and pressure that got to the muscles.

2. Muscle resistance, which is pressure on the muscles and exerting them, means from the other, they chop them.

3. Sleeping, because of your hormones, are optimized for their secretion, so you help the muscles benefit from nutrition and grow ...

_ We talk more about resistance to muscles.

Muscles as long as they will be under pressure and carrying more everything that works with you and grow more and so that you can resist the pressure and load that is taking place, meaning for example if you are practicing the bench and picking 20 kilos, and then I started to lift more than 30 kilos, and here I know that there has been a growth in the muscle and it may not be Noticeable, but the resistance increased more and the more muscle was supplied, and the resistance increased ...

_ When you put up with and put pressure on the muscles, there will be cracking and cutting in the muscle fibers, and after this issue happens, the cells need to be fed in order to enter them, and the muscles grow with you ..

_ And here the most important hormone in the body that delivers this nutrition to the cells is the hormone testosterone. Here, studies have said that shortening the sleep reduces this hormone, and here you have to stop staying up a lot and try to sleep from 6 to 8 hours of continuous sleep, which is the importance of sleep ...

_ Ok, so this testosterone hormone will deliver what is to benefit the cells, and here we go back to nutrition, and you most care about is the protein that makes you muscles ...