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Losing 1 kg in 7 hours

Losing 1 kg in 7 hours

If you want to lose some weight quickly, you must do so in an effective and safe way, no matter what weight you want to lose. You can safely lose weight from retained water and waste products and lose 2.3kg or more in just 2 days!

 Be careful, this process cannot be repeated safely for more than a day (which means you cannot do it for three days in order to lose 7.5 kg) and the weight that you lose because of it is likely to gain back quickly. It is smart to maintain a healthy body and a healthy weight, and when you want to lose weight, you should commit to long-term lifestyle changes such as eating healthy food and exercising.

Can I lose 7 kg in 7 hours ? 

When you want to lose weight, you should commit to long-term lifestyle changes such as eating healthy food and exercising.
 The answer is yes, it depends on your determination and strong will to achieve your goal. So dear,  Let's find out the best way to lose 1 kg in 7 hours.

Losing 1 kg in 7 hours types

the morning

Breakfast :

Drink a warm cup of water with 5 drops of lemon + an apple

1 - You have to run for 45 minutes in the morning, then you should pause for 5 minutes to take a break, drink water and take a deep breath throughout the rest period.
2-  You should practice jumping rope for 10 minutes, then rest for 5 minutes, drink water and breathe well, then do abdominal exercises for 5 minutes.

3-  Do cardio and pushups for 12 minute
4-  Run back to the house, try to climb the house stairs as fast as possible, then go down slowly and take deep breaths. Repeat this several times, then take a cold shower.

Afternoon lunch:

1 Eat a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, rice and a boiled egg without yellow without adding salt.
2 Drink two cups of water with two drops of lemon per cup.

3 Then you have to walk for 30 minutes

The Dinner:

1-  Two apples, a banana, one carrot, one orange, half a tomato, and half a boiled potato (you can prepare it as a salad)

2- Drink a cup of green tea without sugar

3 - 3 dates

4- One cheese

5- Climb the ladder 4 times

6- Do squat exercises 4 times before bed

7- A glass of water before exercise and a cup after exercise

Advices for Losing 1 kg in 7 hours

Drink enough water.

Your body needs water to function and if you do not drink enough water every day your body will retain an extra amount of water to make up for this deficiency. Make your goal to drink approximately 4 liters of water every day.

Increase your physical activity.

 You can burn more calories and remove excess water from your body weight with exercise.

Take a half hour walk after lunch and after dinner.

Avoid snacks in the evening so that you don't gain weight that your body cannot burn in a day.

Do heavy chores around the house. Vacuum the house, move the furniture, clean under it, or wash the curtains.

Reduce your sodium intake.

Sodium consumption increases water retention and can lead to bloating and pain. Aim to eat less than 500 milligrams of salt each day.

Exercise in the morning.

This will make your metabolism and digestive system start working more efficiently and you will get rid of waste products from your body faster.

Focus especially on cardio (which is the opposite of strength training) and light activities like running, which will raise your heart rate and help you burn calories.

Walk, run, or do any other activity that benefits the heart for 20 or 30 minutes after you wake up.

Go to the club before work, not after.

Eat high-fiber foods for breakfast.

The fiber will help move food through the digestive system and push waste out of the colon.

You can eat oats, quinoa, low-fat yogurt, unsalted nuts, and vegetable and fruit omelets.

Drink a cup of coffee or tea in the morning.

Coffee and tea, both of which are natural diuretics, increase the production of urine and stool which can aid in the bowel movement.

Cut out carbs and sugars on this day if you want to lose weight. This may sound unexpected, but sugars increase the amount of water in the body.

You can help your body reduce water weight by getting sugars from fruits and vegetables.