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What are the causes of obesity, its damages and methods of prevention

 What are the causes of obesity, its damages and methods of prevention

Obesity is one of the diseases that have spread dramatically in recent times .. Here are the most important causes of obesity, its damages and methods of treatment

What are the causes of obesity, its damages and methods of prevention

Obesity is one of the diseases that are spreading a lot in different societies, and it greatly affects the general health of the human being and is often followed by other diseases such as type 2 diabetes, stress, heart disease, etc., and a person suffers from excess weight as a result of the accumulation of fat resulting from the consumption of extra calories The need for the body while not burning those calories and not exercising, and below we learn about the most important causes and damages of obesity, methods of treatment and how to prevent obesity.

Obesity damages:

  • One of the most common disadvantages of obesity is Type 2 diabetes, because of the accumulation of too much body fat and harmful cholesterol, which causes insulin deficiency in the blood.

  • High blood pressure that may result in stroke.

  • Exposure to heart attack and angina.

  • Causing cancerous diseases and malignant tumors that affect the cells of the body.

  • Obesity increases the chance of developing gallstones and liver and kidney problems.

  • Exposure to stress, constant stress and depression.

Methods for preventing obesity:

  • Be sure to exercise regularly daily to prevent obesity.
  • Stay away from tension, anxiety, psychological and nervous pressure.
  • Eat a healthy diet that contains fiber, especially fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Avoid eating foods high in calories, including prepared foods and soft drinks.
  • Reducing fatty foods that contain sugars.
  • Limit your intake of rice, pasta and white bread.
  • Use natural alternatives to white sugar, being careful not to overdo it either.
  • Avoid laziness and lethargy, and take care to increase physical activity during the day.

Causes of obesity:

1. Genetic factor
The genetic factor is one of the most important causes of obesity, resulting from the presence of a family history of obesity, depending on the transfer of genes, which causes weight gain.

2. Too much processed foods, sugars and starches
Eating processed foods that contain a high content of saturated fats, eating sweets and sugars, and excessive intake of starches such as rice and pasta greatly helps to gain weight and obesity, and drinking and excessive soft drinks increases the risk of obesity.

3. Lack of exercise
The lack of exercise of any kind of sport and the incidence of lethargy and lethargy lead to weight gain and obesity, and on the contrary, the practice of any kind of physical activity has a role in regulating the insulin rate in the body, which reduces weight gain as insulin level and its instability have a role in the incidence of obesity .

4. Take some medications
There are types of medicines, especially antidepressants, that help change body and brain functions. What increases a person's appetite, which in turn causes obesity and a clear increase in weight.

5. Sleep disturbances
A person suffering from sleep disorders and the inability to relax and sleep well helps stimulate the secretion of one of the hormones that increase appetite, which is ghrelin.