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Nadi Ryadi Al hoceima NRA

Nadi Ryadi Al hoceima NRA

 It is a Moroccan sports club from the RIF (Al Hoceima). He participates in the Moroccan Amateur League third division, founded in 1992.

Nadi Ryadi Al hoceima NRA
Nadi Ryadi Al hoceima NRA

Nadi Ryadi Al hoceima NRA

Abstract about Nadi Ryadi Al hoceima NRA

The club Nadi Ryadi Al hoceima NRA  is the number one fan in town today. He played in the second division in 1994, and together with Raja Al Hoceima and Cra Al-Husimi, he is the two football poles in the city. The Al-Husimi Sports Club school also contributed to the production of professional players and goalkeepers, including Tariq Otaah, goalkeeper of Al-Ittihad Tangiers, the player Salman Ould Al-Hajj, the player Emad Amghar, who is currently playing with the RAPID ?-Wade Zam team, to other players who are currently practicing in different degrees. From the Moroccan League.

Team leader Abdul Sadiq Abu Al-Najat sacrificed precious and precious to move the team forward and not surrender due to the difficult financial conditions that the team suffers, although its performance is very good this year as it is ranked sixth in the championship standings.

The coach and physical trainer Imad also contributes to attracting young players and gives them opportunities to shine and show their talent. The team's photographer and journalist, Mohamed Benhadi Mohamed Yahya, also helps to report news and broadcast matches live.

Team list of Nadi Ryadi Al hoceima NRA 2021

Physical trainer : 

- Emad Ould Shoaib

Goalkeepers : 

-Mohammed Al-Boukriwi
-Adil Benzian
-Elias Al-Hassouni

Defense :

-Ibrahim Al-Kamouni
-Muhammad Al-Alati
-Zohir Miqdad
-Fakir Osama

the middle :

-Sofiane Bouglid
-Mohamed Benqdour
-Ghalbouni Azzedine
-Muhammad al-Saba '
-Walid Bushati
-Badi Muhammad
-Muhammad Utah

attack :

-Ilyas Arish
-Monsif Aghlai
-Abdul Karim Afellay
-Yassin al-Maliki
-Wasim Belaeesh