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The best healthy diet suitable for the elderly

The best healthy diet suitable for the elderly

With advancing age, we find that eight out of ten women gain weight, so as a general rule, between the ages of 20 and 55, they are full between 4 and 15 kilograms.

This is very normal, which is confirmed by the majority of doctors we asked, but what do women who do not gain weight do?

The best healthy diet suitable for the elderly

Of course, we must take into account the physical configuration of each woman, as the excess weight before menopause heralds a clear weight gain after it, but the lady being thin, full or obese, upon reaching the age of menopause must be that when reaching the age of fifty, weight gain will be inevitable.

These additional kilograms can be avoided on the condition that this stage is planned in advance before reaching it. Weight gain after the age of fifty is easy to avoid when disposing of it after its occurrence.

The best healthy diet suitable for the elderly

What leads to this increase?

The changes that occur to the hormones are responsible for this phenomenon, for example, the lack of estrogen changes the formation of fat in the body, preferring to multiply it around the waist and abdomen.

Is it the fault of hormones alone?

Not necessarily because malnutrition, lack of exercise and poor circulation is due to an increase in weight. After fifty, the body begins to accept the least amount of energy and this is not good, which leads to the lady losing muscle and replacing it with fat.

The continuous increase in gaining some hundreds of grams each year leads to their accumulation over the years until the woman finds herself feeling uncomfortable wearing her clothes that have only narrowed from her current size to a larger size, and so on.

So what happens at fifty years?

Menopause accelerates weight gain and gain it faster due to the age at which pregnancy occurs and the increase in weight during it or due to the presence of excessive obesity cases in the family, or as a result of multiple psychological pressures, and cases of depression or frequent diet, so women should avoid these phenomena as much as possible to avoid a problem overweight.

The best healthy diet suitable for the elderly: We will give you a good and easy way to get very good results, by following the avocado diet

Avocado is one of the beneficial fruits that help you lose weight easily and quickly for all those who suffer from excess weight, so here is a program for the diet of avocado:

First day

Breakfast: 1 boiled egg white with an avocado.
Lunch: spinach salad with avocado with a piece of lean chicken, fish or meat. 
Dinner: A can of tuna with water, half an avocado and a little lemon juice.

the second day

Breakfast: An avocado smoothie with banana and honey.
Lunch: tomato and onion guacamole sauce with a piece of toast and a piece of lean meat.
Dinner: a small plate of pasta with avocado, pepper and salt.

the third day

Breakfast: 2 wholegrain toast with avocado. 
Lunch: salmon with avocado and a piece of toast. 
Dinner: avocado salad with mushrooms, onions, and cooked cilantro.

the fourth day

Breakfast: an avocado with two pieces of turkey breast. 
Lunch: Chicken fajita with avocado, red peppers, green vegetables and onions. 
Dinner: 1 cup avocado shake with green apples and honey.
Follow this diet for 4 days, and you will notice after that that you have lost a lot of weight. In parallel, make sure to exercise for 40 minutes a day.