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5 tips to lose weight in one month without exercising

5 tips to lose weight in one month without exercising

All women strive to lose weight and get rid of excess body fat, because they strive all the time to enhance their feeling of lightness and fitness.

5 tips to lose weight in one month without exercising


Women are also interested in knowing the dangers of obesity and being overweight, and the serious and unnecessary diseases that they bring. But one of the most annoying things about losing weight is having to follow a diet, as many of us cannot stick to it for a long time due to the deprivation of delicious food. Deprivation then leads to the return of eating more greedily than before. This is in addition to the inability to exercise due to lack of time. So, we collected the 5 most important simple tips for you that will get rid of extra weight within one month without following a specific diet or exercising!

1- Write down what was eaten throughout the day

It is important that we identify our weaknesses and work to change them. Therefore, everything that you eat and drink throughout the day must be written and recorded in a small blog and the times when the food was eaten is recorded. This is in addition to performing a number of daily activities that we do in our life. All of this will determine the problem and the causes of weight gain, and then focus is on changing these habits gradually so that you do not return to it more often than before, which helps to gain weight significantly.

2- Divide the daily meals

One of the most important things that have a major role in losing excess weight is that the individual divides the meals he eats daily into three meals or five small meals, regardless of the content of the meals (i.e., he is not required to be committed to a specific diet). This is in addition to the need to be careful to eat breakfast, especially given that it is the basis of burning fats throughout the day with higher calories, and it is also necessary to fix meal times as the body gets used to the quantities that enter it and leave a break between each meal for about three hours, then the body gets used to On specific dates, which contributes to losing weight without following any regime or exercise.

3- Drinking water

Water is the lifeline, so who of us can survive without drinking water, as it is a lifeline and one of its most important benefits is that it helps to lose weight significantly. Since it does not contain calories altogether, and it is useful in helping the body to carry out all vital functions, it is necessary for the individual to take care to drink water at separate times during the day, especially when waking up from sleep, it is possible to drink two cups of cold water, which helps to lose weight. Due to the effort made by the body to raise its temperature after introducing cold water to it, in addition to the need to drink water before eating, before bathing and before going to sleep. One should make sure to drink 3 liters of water per day.

4- Using the stairs

It is necessary for the one who wants to lose weight to be careful to use the stairs instead of the elevator while he is at work or when he goes anywhere, this matter helps to burn a lot of calories significantly. This is in addition to making sure to eat slowly so that the stomach can digest food smoothly and then no more fat is stored in the body, and we cannot overlook the importance of eating a cup or a cup of coffee even if it is small, which helps to increase the rate of fat burning effectively. Also, you should stay away from carbohydrates, especially at night, such as rice, potatoes and white flour.

5- Fast food

 You should limit the intake of fast food that is found in the notorious restaurants where you use a lot of fats in food, which helps in gaining weight significantly, and if you have to eat in one of these restaurants, you can share it with your friends until you get only half of it, which helps Reducing the fats that will enter the body, it is known that such meals are saturated with a lot of fats, which increase the volume of calories in the body and thus a large increase in weight in a very short time, so it is usually recommended to eat home cooked food because it contains little fats that do not have any Dangers to health and body.