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The best healthy diet in Ramadan to lose more weight

The best healthy diet in Ramadan to lose more weight

Family parties and food tables abound in Ramadan, and with the abundance of Ramadan tables known for their delicious meals, you cannot control your open appetite for different meals, which leads to eating a lot, which may sometimes be unhealthy, and leads to the formation of body fat, especially in the stomach and buttocks area, and then increase Faster in your weight.

The best healthy diet in Ramadan to lose more weight


Do not worry my dear, the solution is to follow a healthy and effective diet to lose the weight that you have gained in the past days, and to ensure that you have a fit and healthy body for the rest of the days of Ramadan.


In this article, I present to you the best effective and healthy Ramadan diet regimens that have proven their worth in helping you lose weight quickly and maintain weight control.

Important tips before following the diet

Avoid sweetened and processed juices and drink only fresh, natural juices without sugar, such as carrot and orange juice, and others.


- Avoid eating the pre-dawn meal just before bed, but eat at least two hours before bed to avoid the appearance of the stomach over time.


Determine the amount of food that will be eaten daily to see if it is excessive or appropriate to satisfy you.


You have to start eating half the amount of food you used to eat before, and you can change the size of your food plate to a smaller plate to help you reduce food, but beware of filling it again after you finish eating.


Thus, you can lose your weight easily, as your stomach has become accustomed to eating less food and thus you will not be able after a while to increase the amount again. You can continue this system after Ramadan as well, but on the condition that lunch is supplied and you avoid missing any of the three main meals, because the body stops burning energy if it gets used to not eating for a certain period.

Foods that you should avoid during Ramadan and when adopting this system

  • Red meat

  • Fatty sweets and sweets with many sugars.


Your weight will begin to drop quickly in the first 3 weeks, about 3 to 6 kilos, depending on your body, and after these weeks your body will continue to slim down by nature and you get used to a specific diet. As for the body, you will feel a little tired for the first 3 days, and then the body will get used to the new system.

Ramadan diet

the breakfast

Breakfast is served with 10 dates with a glass of water.

Or skimmed milk.

Or a cup of fresh and natural juice without additives.

With a green salad plate.

Or boiled vegetables with a pinch of salt and pepper.

After the Maghrib prayer :

A plate of soup with vegetables or boiled chicken soup with regular spices and without MAGGI cubes.

With 3 pieces of samosas in the oven, not fried.

With 3 tablespoons of boiled rice or pasta.

With a cup of skim milk.

Sweetener :

Two pieces of raft, lokma al-qadi, or qatayef, which are not fried, and stuffed with nuts


After Tarawih prayers and to the pre-dawn meal :

Gradually drink quantities of water until the time of the pre-dawn meal, with the amount you want from summer fruits.

Suhoor :

A cup of curd or yogurt.

With a cup of beans without oil.

Half a loaf of whole wheat bread (medium size).

- And a piece of Quraish cheese.